Rethinking Bank Audit Efficiency

Aug 14, 2018 12:00pm -
Aug 14, 2018 01:30pm
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Event Description

This bank audit webinar is for both external and internal auditors, seasoned and new. It focuses on the need for changing the way audits are conducted. Both internal and external audits have not changed very much over the years which makes no sense given significant changes in the audit environment, technology, the professionalism of auditors etc. We hear about and read about the “auditor of the future.” The future is now.

Emphasis. Audits must become more efficient. The webinar reviews the following four (4) significant driving forces which are bringing about efficiency:

  1. The overall approach to audits
  2. The obsession with risk and risk assessment
  3. The integrated audits which report on internal controls as well as financial presentations
  4. Artificial intelligence

The webinar carefully defines effectiveness and efficiency and how they are significantly different but, nevertheless, interrelated.

Overall Audit Approach. Heavy emphasis is placed on a top-down audit approach with focus on principles, standards, procedures and techniques.

Risk Obsession. The webinar also strongly emphasizes the importance of the auditor’s risk model and how that really is the auditor’s business risk. It also revisits the important business risks faced by all bankers and faced by the auditors who audit bank financial statements and/or bank internal controls.

Integrated Audit. The modern audit now focuses attention on financial, operational, and information technology. All three must be addressed on every audit engagement. The webinar analyzes the integrated approach and highlights how it is a driving force for efficiency.

Who Should Attend
Audit, Executive C-Suite, Finance Accounting, Regulatory Compliance, Risk and Fraud, Risk Management and Assessment


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