Coaching Your Team to Success

Jun 06, 2018 11:00am -
Jun 06, 2018 12:00pm
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Success. Everyone wants to be successful in whatever they do. It might be a class you are taking, a new hobby you started, or achieving your professional goals. No matter what the activity, the Cohen Brown Success TriangleSM can help you achieve success. The three sides— Clear, Capable, and Motivated—can be applied no matter what the situation. 

Do you have teenage children? Let’s say you ask them to clean their room once a month, meaning they pick everything off the floor, put dirty clothes in the hamper, dust all furniture, and sweep the floor. But they don’t do it. You have been clear. Do they have a broken arm? No. Then they are capable. You may have a motivation problem.

Similarly, as a coach, you analyze the outcomes of your team and find a gap in performance. Ask yourself the triangle questions. “Have I been precise about the behaviors that will drive outcomes?” “Does my team have the skills necessary to accomplish the goals?” “Are they motivated? Do they have the desire and passion to accomplish the goals?”

Once you decide which side (or sides) of the Success Triangle is the problem, then communicate with your team to ensure your assumption is correct.

Coaching Your Team to Success

During this session we talk about making a pact to take control of your day so you can focus on those behaviors that are most important to the success of your team. The best of the best coaching experience is created using the Coach Skills Loop (Observation, Observational Feedback and Skill Building) once you make the commitment to take control of your day.

Who Should Attend?

This interactive session will benefit those who lead new account representatives and those who open new accounts.

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