Organizational Performance - Accountability and Authority

Sep 11, 2019 02:00pm -
Sep 11, 2019 04:00pm

Event Description

As consultants, we don’t have much authority within our client’s organization; we only have the authority that our clients give us. This constrains us from directly implementing our recommendations.

But what about within the organization? Does your client understand how accountability works in the organization? How can we as consultants help clients understand the nature of accountability? Even more so, how do we help our clients create a culture of accountability?

Accountability matters. Intuitively we know that when people are held to account performance is better. But what is accountability? How does an organization "become" accountable?

Effective delegation should ensure a single point of accountability, as low as possible in the organization, but there are often miscues. Most organizations also struggle with silos. Today’s organizations are so complex that almost everyone relies on others for success in their work.

The Effective Point of Accountability®, developed by Effective Managers™, provides a model for solving both problems. This approach helps organizations ensure that work is delegated to the right person in the right position, and to ensure that managers in different parts of the organization have a common understanding of their work relationships with each other.


Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to identify organizational issues that result from a lack of accountability.
  • Participants will be able to help CEOs and executives understand the importance of an accountability model and how it can be implemented.
  • This webinar will be conducted in seminar style, with facilitated discussion between participants. This will enhance the learning experience for all.


  • Read the white paper, The Effective Point of Accountability®
  • Come prepared to share at least one example in a client organization where a CEO or senior executive cited “lack of accountability” as the cause of a major issue.


  • List key insights and understandings that you gained from this session about understanding and/or assessing accountability issues in your clients’ organizations
  • Think about your current clients. How can you use the concept of accountability in your practice to help improve the client implementation of your recommendations? 

About the Instructor: 

Dwight Mihalicz helps organizations improve performance. He focuses on manger effectiveness, ensuring that all managers, from the CEO to the front line, are focused on their key strategic priorities and have the accountability and authority required for success.

Dwight has founded and is President of Effective Managers™, a management consulting firm based in Canada, providing services globally. The firm uses the Effective Managers™ Survey to assess manager effectiveness, and The Effective Point of Accountability® to help organizations focus managers on the right work while breaking down silos.

He is also Chair of ICMCI (CMC-Global), of which CMC-Canada is one of its 50 members. 

Delivery: Virtual Classroom. This webinar will be conducted in seminar style, with facilitated discussion between participants. This will enhance the learning experience for all.



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Series Overview

This four-part webinar series will be of value to consultants in all stages of their careers. It will introduce them to new ways of using existing skills sets to provide more value to clients. It will also provide knowledge that consultants can use to reinforce their trusted-advisor status with clients by showing how existing skills can be applied to diagnose root-cause issues in more effective ways.

This content has been designed specifically for management consultants. Each session is independent of the others, but taken together the three sessions provide an insight into an effective overall performance improvement methodology.


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