2019 Emerging Trends: Single Payer Healthcare: How Might it Effect You and Your Patients

Nov 07, 2019 06:00pm -
Nov 07, 2019 08:00pm

Event Description

America's healthcare system, or lack thereof, remains a hot topic as our national political parties seem to talk about a wide variety of options, with little common ground. The upcoming 2020 presidential election is likely to keep the issue front and center America's political conversation.

In the aftermath of "Obamacare" and numerous attempts to repeal it, a new push to expand the government's role into the insurance marketplace is emerging. "Medicare for All" or some option of it is being pushed by seemingly all the Democratic presidential candidates. And the President is not holding back in his responses.

In the middle of all of it are physicians and their patients.

Regardless of one's individual opinion about the options, many CMA physicians have asked to learn more about what these proposals really mean.

The CMA has organized a presentation on ‘Single Payer Healthcare: How might it affect you and your patients?’ with details on some of the various options that have been introduced in the broad conversation. The purpose of this panel is not to promote one view or another, but to educate physicians in attendance about the ideas being discussed. 

Presenters for this program are:  
Ean Bett, MD
Dr. Bett is a Family Medicine physician in Columbus, Ohio, where he is an Assistant Program Director at Grant Family Medicine – OhioHealth. He has been engaged in multiple efforts to educate physicians on Universal Health Care in the United States, particularly a Single Payer platform. After completing his residency, he spent two months traveling from the United States to several other countries with a Single Payer system to see firsthand the socio-cultural benefits of a Single Payer Universal Health Care system. Since that time, he has been a contributor to the National Physicians Alliance “Making Health Care Fair” project, whose aim is to educate physicians, the general public, and national thought leaders on how we can create an effective and efficient health care system for all.

Greg Moody

Greg Moody is an Executive-in-Residence at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs where he teaches, conducts research, and provides leadership training for state and local elected officials through the State of Ohio Leadership Institute (SOLI). He joined the faculty after 24 years of public service in state and federal government.

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