Paid Opportunity: ESPA Building Foundational Curriculum for Industry

Note:  Responses Requested by April 23.  There are two position types:  Project Lead and Project Contributor.  Please be sure you note which role you are interested in when sending in your materials.

About ESPA:

For over 30 years, ESPA has been the only association and voice representing event service professionals from CVBs, hotels and convention centers from across North America. It is a community for CSMs, an educational resource, a network of your peers, a place and forum for event service professionals to be heard and to learn. An organization that advocates for the role and impact event service professionals have on the success of events and of destinations, hotels, and convention centers.
Opportunity Descriptions:  
Three positions will each contribute to the development of training program curriculum for an introduction to Convention Services course (a foundational training for people new or returning to the Event Services field), as well as create a capstone project description which will be used to certify participants.  
ESPA is searching for three event service professionals (from hotel, convention center and CVB) who have been members of the association that are currently in a laid off, terminated or furloughed position who can contribute their industry expertise on a short-term project basis.  
Two positions will be “Project Contributors” which entail research and writing of training program content in a designated area (CVB, Center or Hotel), as well as creating supporting PowerPoint slides. 
One position will serve as the “Project Lead” which will do the same as the Project Contributors, but also will lead the project, map out the program outline and contents, direct, collect and compile the information from the Project Contributors, and ensure a polish finished product.  We anticipate a Services Overview component, which would be complemented by more customized components for Hotel, CVB, and Convention Center.  
Completed training materials will be utilized by future trainers when live classes are scheduled.
Contributors and Lead will be expected to collaborate on the primary learner outcomes as well as the best length and format for the training program.
Contributors and Lead will be expected to present their assigned sections as recorded training modules.
Contributors and Lead will be expected to outline the requirements of a capstone project with specific assignments which participants could opt to complete in order to earn a certification.  The capstone project should tie into the learner outcomes of the training content.  (Subsequent review and evaluation of project submissions by participants would be conducted by a committee of ESPA.)  
Project Purpose:
To strengthen ESPA educational offerings through development of Event Services Foundational training content utilizing the skill sets and expertise of Members who are currently laid off or furloughed.
Training and certification programs on Event Servicing will help ESPA:
  • Expand the member value proposition 
  • Support our member organizations if faced with less experienced services staff post-COVID
  • Serve as a tool for recruitment
  • Create a non-dues revenue stream 
  • Be recognized in the events industry as the leader for Event services education
  • Provide our profession with standards, build communities, and enhance our reputation in the industry
While members may currently be without employment in our industry or waiting to return to their positions, ESPA will tap into the deep expertise of these members to craft a training program, providing them with compensation for a short-term contract project, as well as giving them a project opportunity to showcase on a resume.
The End Product:


An outline of the program, written content for each section to be used by trainers/presenters (not to be published as a training manual), and a supporting PowerPoint slide deck.

 The class will be recorded live on video, in segments, and made available on-demand on ESPA web site.

         • For this format, questions by participants could be answered through a volunteer member network. 

 The class could also be delivered live in person or via web cast by trainers as sourced by ESPA using the materials that have been developed through this project.

         • Live classes can later be made available to registered members on a set schedule or could be available only                for private delivery within an organization if a minimum headcount is reached.  

 The duration of the training is to be determined by the Project Lead and Contributors (example, 4-hours, 6-hours). 



  • A comprehensive outline describing capstone project assignments that will be used to evaluate participants for certification.
ESPA’s goal is to identify and finalize candidates for this program in April 2021.  The goal for program development completion is June 30. 
Desired Skillsets:
  • In addition to a broad knowledge of Convention Services, applicants should feel confident with their skills in the areas of writing and presenting.
  • Experience with contributing to other training initiatives, including within your own organization, is a plus. 
  • Experience with the processes and the earning of a certification is a plus. 
$5,000 for the Project Lead.  
$2,500 for the (2) Project Contributors (each).
This is an independent contractor position; a 1099 form will be provided at the end of the year for tax purposes.
Next Steps for those interested:
Please submit a resume, cover letter and writing sample to Lynn McCullough, Executive Director, at expressing your interest in one of the above positions (be sure to reference whether you are interested in the Project Lead, Project Contributor or either one).  Please be sure you include information on the size and scope of the groups you have worked with as well as information on writing skills, speaking experience, any background in contributing to or developing training documents, and describe any certification programs you have participated in or certifications earned.  
A committee of ESPA will review submissions and let you know whether any additional information is needed.
Responses are requested by April 23.