The Attuned Therapist/Facilitator

May 14, 2019 09:00am -
May 16, 2019 04:00pm

Event Description

Imago Pre-conference Vienna 2019 Advance Training

The Attuned Therapist/Facilitator: Working with Reactivity and Resistance in all kinds of counseling

Dates: 14-16 May, 2019

Time: daily, 10:00 am -  6:00 pm

Presenters: Maya Kollman, MA, Mag.a Evelin Brehm and Mag. (FH) Klaus Brehm

‚ÄčLocation: brehms + zentrum, Staudgasse 7, 1180 Vienna, Austria -

Cost: $600 USD


For the first time at an Imago Pre-conference, Imago couple therapists and Imago Professional Facilitators can attend an Advanced Training together! The attunement ability of the therapist or counselor is paramount. In this seminar, we will work in both joint and group-specific (therapist and facilitator separately) sessions to grow the participants empathy and attunement.

Every counseling process tries to bring order into a seemingly chaotic situation. However, even if it is difficult to see, the chaos, the disorder, the confusion is the best an individual, couple, group or system can achieve at the moment. However, this chaos is dysfunctional in the long run and costs the client more energy than it brings.

Nevertheless, any attempt to change this dysfunction will unsettle and activate attempts at stabilization, which manifest themselves in open or concealed reactivity to the counselor or the process.

The most important thing that an Imago therapist or an Imago Facilitator needs in such complex and dynamic situations is an unrestricted ability to tune into the emotional field of the couple, individual or group.  The prerequisite to be able to do this includes the ability to be present and regulated in the face of deregulation.

This empathic resonance is necessary to provide a safe environment and to make it possible for the clients to take the risk to let go of their familiar dance.

In this training we deal with the dynamics of existence and change, with the transformation of negative cycles, and we show different tools to successfully transform dysfunctional structures into constructive relationship fields in the Imago couple therapy as well as in the consulting work of an Imago Professional Facilitator.

Through the use of video clips, role plays, demonstrations and didactic material we will create an interactive, fun and dynamic space to focus on our own inner attunement and ability to connect, thereby deepening our work.


Learning Objectives:

1: Recognize those clients or consulting situations who present a personal ‘challenge’ and how to use inner attunement and embodied presence, to stay present and available when challenged.

2: Teach clients to explore and develop an awareness of negative attachment and developmental cycles.

3: Establish a safe and supportive structure when reactivity and resistance show up in consulting situations.

4: Identify the level of development of customers, structures or systems, what effects this has on a consulting process and how you can intervene appropriately and purposefully.

5: Understand the function of emotions in social systems and learn how to use these functions for growth and development.


Event Type:Clinical
Category:Advanced Clinical Training
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