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What T&E’rs Need to Know about Program Management and Systems Engineering and Why (Nov 14)

Nov 14, 2018 08:00am -
Nov 16, 2018 05:00pm

Event Description

What T&E’rs Need to Know about Program Management and Systems Engineering and Why

Test and evaluation have too often and too long been perceived by many practitioners of these disciplines as stand-alone processes.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as they are the foundations of developing the knowledge required to conduct effective and efficient program management and systems engineering.  Therefore, testers and evaluators must understand, speak the language of, and properly integrate with the needs and processes of their major customers, the program managers and systems engineers.

This three-day course presents a basic overview of key program management processes such as leadership, planning, monitoring, control, work breakdown structure, scheduling, budgeting, contracting, and earned value management; and key systems engineering processes such as requirements analysis, functional analysis, partitioning, design, risk management, trade studies, and concurrent and specialty engineering.

This course also includes discussion of some developing engineering challenge areas such as software engineering and test, human systems engineering, autonomous systems development, and cyber engineering and test.  Day 1 discussions cover the basic concepts of program management and systems engineering discussed above.  Day 2 is devoted to discussions of the role of test and evaluation in program management and systems engineering, unique aspects of all three disciplines in the Federal Government and DOD, and some case studies of notable DOD acquisition programs.  Day 3 discussions examine some interesting and important special topics in DOD acquisition as well as providing a look at the future of DOD acquisition.  All of the above subject areas are presented with a perspective that will help ensure that testers and evaluators become better informed and more effective members of any development team.


       Welcome & Course Overview

       1A – Program/Project Management (PM)

      Program and program life cycle overview

      Planning & Control

      Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


      Estimating and budgeting

      Earned Value Management (EVM)

      Contract types

       1B - Systems Engineering (SE)

      What is a System

      What is SE

      Intro to Specialty Engineering Disciplines

      System Reliability

      System Safety

      Risk Management, TRLs

      Trade Studies

      Family of Systems/System of Systems

      Thoughts on Complex Systems Engineering

       2A - Test and Evaluation (T&E)

      Overview, verification, Test Analysis Demonstration Inspection (TADI)

      Test design & planning

      Developmental Test(DT)/Operational Test(OT)/Integrated Test(IT)

      T&E programmatics

       2B - Modeling and Simulation (M&S)

      M&S overview

      M&S throughout the SE Cycle

      Thoughts on M&S

       2C – Current Trends in T&E

      T&E early in programs

      Verify vs Validate = DT vs OT

      Integrated T&E

      T&E of immature technologies

      Agile acquisition T&E implications

       3A - Case Studies

      Army Future Combat Systems

      Navy Littoral Surveillance Radar System

       3B - DOD Acquisition

      The DOD process & Acquisition life cycle

      Regulations, directives, guidance, instructions

       3C - Special Topics

      Software SE and T&E

      Human Systems Integration

      Unmanned and Autonomous Sys SE and T&E

      Cyber and Info Assurance SE and T&E

       Conclusions, Graduation

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