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Threats to Kentucky’s Critical Infrastructure and the Importance of Reporting Suspicious Activity
(Event: SMC Louisville Chapter )

Aug 21, 2018 11:30AM - Aug 21, 2018 1:00PM
Session Type: Seminar
Track: General

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Topic: Threats to Kentucky’s Critical Infrastructure and the Importance of Reporting Suspicious Activity

Whether a plan for a terrorist attack is homegrown or originates overseas, important knowledge that may forewarn of a future attack may be derived from information gathered by State and local agencies in the course of routine law enforcement, security checks, and other activities.
This presentation will discuss current trends in threats towards Kentucky’s critical infrastructure sectors, to include commercial facilities, government facilities and transportation systems, which have been prior targets of domestic and international terrorist organizations.
  • Attendees will be briefed about the role of fusion centers;
  • How to report suspicious activity;
  • How they can serve as a liaison for information and intelligence sharing.

Presenter:  Kayla Matola, Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

Kayla Matola is the Critical Infrastructure and Special Events Analyst at the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center. She is responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating information and intelligence that relates to critical infrastructure in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which involves frequent collaboration with private sector owners and operators. Previously, Kayla worked as a research analyst for the Department of Defense and has received her B.S. in Homeland Security from Eastern Kentucky University and her M.D. in Defense and Strategic Studies.

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