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Maine Osteopathic Association

Political Action Committee (MOPAC)



What is MOPAC?


The Maine Osteopathic Political Action Committee (MOPAC) was established to promote our members’ views regarding their patients’ health priorities to federal and state policymakers.   At the state level, MOPAC lobbyists work to ensure that the basic tenets of osteopathic medicine, from educational programs to licensure, are recognized at all levels of state government. These legislative representatives select priority health care topics by following legislative and regulatory trends, and identifying health care issues of importance to the osteopathic medicine profession and our patients’ needs. MOPAC advocates on behalf of osteopathic physicians at the state and federal level, screening hundreds of bills each legislative session and weighing-in on those impacting members such as Medicaid, scope-of-practiceand provider reimbursement / distribution of state funding.  MOPAC  fuels the Association’s advocacy efforts. Personal contributions made to MOPAC are pooled together and invested in the campaigns of legislators who support the goals and objectives of the osteopathic profession.  Prior to deciding which candidates to support, MOPAC reviews their voting records, and solicits D.O. input and opinions. Candidates also complete a funding  request information sheet. Funds may also be used to support legislative advocacy efforts.


Why does the osteopathic profession need MOPAC?


MOPAC is the osteopathic physicians’ tool to work with legislators who support healthcare and public health policy issues that will positively impact our patients and the osteopathic profession.  Sometimes organizations promote legislation which are detrimental to our patients and osteopathic medicine;  therefore, MOPAC may also assist in defeating legislation that the Association does not support.


How will I know which candidates MOPAC is supporting?


Every MOPAC member receives the MOA’s membership publications and News E-briefs.  These informative pieces contain reports on campaign contributions and election developments.  MOPAC also files periodic disclosure statements with the State of Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices.  Those statements are available to MOPAC members, as well as the general public, when requested.


What is MOPAC’s Focus?


MOPAC  is constantly working to increase our effectiveness in legislation, elections and strengthen the impact  of the physician community.  We accomplish this through direct support of MOPAC endorsed candidates, providing voter information on elections, issues, and candidates, and the political activism of our members and their patients. First and foremost, MOPAC focuses on patients and the osteopathic physicians who treat them.  MOPAC endorses legislators who will support sound health policy initiatives.  MOPAC, in conjunction with the Maine Osteopathic Association, promotes issues that positively impact the osteopathic profession.  The advocacy committee reviews legislation and recommends what actions to  take (support/oppose/monitor) and helps ensure the osteopathic voice is represented in Augusta. This is vital to our future.


Please consider making a donation today by visiting our on-line store.


Maine Osteopathic Association, 128 State Street, Suite 102, Augusta, Maine 04330

Telephone: 207-623-1101   Fax: 207-623-4228

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