What is the NAACO Certificate?

The NAACO Certificate Program is designed to be new tool for professional development among ceremony officers. Those new to the field will have the opportunity to cover a wide range of basics and return to their campuses with information to advance both their ceremonies and their professional standing. More experienced ceremony officers will enjoy the new emphasis on special topics and more in-depth presentations on event issues offered in the second year of programming.

What does the Curriculum Include?


The Certificate Program curriculum includes: a selection of sessions offered each year during the annual conference; previously recorded conference sessions available to registered certificate students online; a study guide and workbook (included in the cost of the program); and regional meeting sessions.


Each year of enrollment in the program costs $125, with an expected program duration of two calendar years. The program may be started at any time during the calendar year. Knowing the budgetary constraints that education institutions are under, students are not required to finish the certificate program in consecutive years. Each student’s progress and curriculum completion record will be tracked by NAACO Headquarters.


Each student will receive a certificate of completion for their records (and to demonstrate quantifiable progress to their supervisors) when they finish the curriculum for Year One and Year Two respectively.








NAACO: North American Association of Commencement Officers

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