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Your financial support through Annual Fund giving programs is essential to helping our high-ability and high-potential learners to succeed. You are “the village” that it takes to challenge, support, and nurture a gifted child. What could be more important?

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The Javits-Frasier Teacher Training Scholarship Fund
This fund provides professional development training for Title I teachers & counselors that serve high-potential students from low-income & culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Areas of Greatest Need
Unrestricted donations support activities central to NAGC's mission, from research on gifted education best practices & standards to parent resources & our new Talent Development Initiative.
National Advocacy and Public Education Initiatives
Help us raise awareness & create urgency among educators & policymakers—through targeted media campaigns, outreach to national assns & materials that support advocates working at state & local levels.
Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship
NAGC awards the Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship to K-12 teachers who excel in the ability to meet the needs of gifted students & are committed to furthering the development of their skills.