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December 2017 • Volume Seven • Issue Four • Advocacy


A Brief History of the Expert Witness

Christopher M. Milroy

Child Death Review: Past, Present, and Future

Reade A. Quinton

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Certification in New York City: Intra-Agency Guideline Compliance and Variables that May Influence Death Certification

Melissa A. Pasquale-Styles, Margaret Regensburg, Ruijun Bao

The Promise of Molecular Autopsy in Forensic Pathology Practice

Kristopher S. Cunningham

Medicolegal Death Investigation: Coroner and Forensic Pathology Functions and Processes in Victoria, Australia

David L. Ranson, Lyndal Bugeja

National Coronial Information System: Epidemiology and the Coroner in Australia

Eva Saar, Lyndal Bugeja, David L. Ranson

Beyond the Forensic Pathology Investigation: Improving Warfighter Survivability

Edward L. Mazuchowski, Christopher J. Gordon, Louis N. Finelli, Howard T. Harcke

Review Articles

National Association of Medical Examiners Position Paper: Recommendations for the Definition, Investigation, Postmortem Examination, and Reporting of Deaths in Custody

Roger A. Mitchell Jr., Francisco Diaz, Gary A. Goldfogel, Mark Fajardo, Stephany E. Fiore, Tanisha V. Henson, Michelle A. Jorden, Sean Kelly, Scott Luzi, Megan Quinn, Dwayne A. Wolf

Comparison of Injury Patterns In Consensual and Nonconsensual Sex: Is It Possible to Determine If Consent Was Given?

Sung Hoon Song, John R. Fernandes

Original Articles

Carfentanil and Current Opioid Trends in Summit County, Ohio

Kristy Waite, Amy Deeken, Steve Perch, Lisa J. Kohler

Opioid-Associated Deaths in South Carolina, 2013-2016: A Retrospective Review

Daniel C. Butler, Nicholas I. Batalis

Parachute Deaths in Southern Arizona

Rose Cronin, David C. Winston

Case of the month

A Pediatric Case of Diffuse Glioma Diagnosed at Autopsy

Jennifer Ross, Adriana Olar, Christine Fuller