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September 2017 • Volume Seven • Issue Three • The Pathology of Terror


Trends in United States Mass Fatality Incidents and Recommendations for Medical Examiners and Coroners

Emily Carroll, Amy Johnson, Frank DePaolo, Bradley J. Adams, Dennis Mazone, Barbara Sampson

Clinical Examination and Reporting of a Victim of Torture

Jayantha C. Herath, Michael S. Pollanen

The Dead Detainee: The Autopsy in Cases of Torture

Michael S. Pollanen

Eternally Vulnerable: The Pathology of Abuse in Domestic Animals

Beverly McEwen

The Role of a Forensic Pathologist in Armed Conflict

Nizam Peerwani

The West Kingston/Tivoli Gardens Incursion in Kingston, Jamaica

Stephen Cordner, Michael S. Pollanen, Maria Cristina Mendonca, Maria Dolores Morcillo-Mendez

Forensic Legacy of the Khmer Rouge: The Cambodian Genocide

Katherine Gruspier, Michael S. Pollanen

South Africa: Vulnerable Persons and Groups in a Vulnerable DemocracyCan Forensic Medical Services Help to Ensure Justice in Critical Times?

Gert Saayman

Micro Disasters: The Case of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey M. Jentzen

Review Articles

Fatal Entrapment of the Basilar Artery in a Longitudinal Fracture of the Clivus Due to Head Injury: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Alfredo Walker, Marlise Peruzzo dos Santos, Rafael Glikstein, Jean Michaud

Levamisole: A High Performance Cutting Agent

Nadia Solomon, Jonathan Hayes

Original Articles

Case Series of Novel Illicit Opioid-Related Deaths

Donna Papsun, Amy Hawes, Amanda L.A. Mohr, Melissa Friscia, Barry K. Logan

Case of the month

Sudden Death of a Young Man by Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis

Raheem Peerani, Meredith Berggren, Jayantha C. Herath

Cerebral Toxoplasmosis: A Case Report with Correlation of Radiographic Imaging, Surgical Pathology, and Autopsy Findings

William T. Harrison, Christine Hulette

Invited Editorial

How To Survive A Mass Fatality Incident, Mostly

Jonathan Hayes