Inspection and Accreditation

The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) has entered into a strategic alliance with ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) whereby ANAB will administer the NAME accreditation program on behalf of NAME. In addition to NAME’s current accreditation program, ANAB and NAME will offer an ISO/IEC 17020 program for medical examiner/coroner offices that seek ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation, either solely or in addition to accreditation under the NAME legacy program. 

More information about the strategic alliance is available here: 

The NAME accreditation standards have been prepared and revised by NAME for the purpose of improving the quality of the medicolegal investigation of death in this country. Accreditation applies to offices and systems, not individual practitioners. The standards emphasize policies and procedures, not professional work product. The standards represent minimum standards for an adequate medicolegal system, not guidelines. NAME accreditation is an endorsement indicating that the office or system provides an adequate environment for a medical examiner in which to practice his or her profession and provides reasonable assurances that the office or system well serves its jurisdiction. It is the objective of NAME that the application of these standards will aid materially in developing and maintaining a high caliber of medicolegal investigation of death for the communities and jurisdictions in which they operate. 

The NAME Accreditation Program is a peer review system. Its goal is to improve office or system performance through objective evaluation and constructive criticism. The inspector is the medical examiner's peer and serves as a guest consultant to the office or system.

The accreditation program is intended to evolve over time. Procedures ensure the review of standards and procedures and a mechanism is established for setting standards. 

As of January 1, 2017, accreditation will be conferred for a period of four (4) years. 

Application Procedure and Fee Structure

NAME’s account manager with ANAB is Stacey Crice.  Medical examiner/coroner offices wishing to apply for accreditation under the NAME legacy program or the ISO program, or both, should contact Ms. Crice as  The fee structure for inspection and accreditation is based on the population served by the office. Individual offices within a larger system will be invoiced and inspected as individual offices.

Documents pertaining to the I&A process, including the Autopsy Performance Standards are available here:

Inspection introductory letter 03-31-16

2014 NAME Policy Manual-Inspection and Accreditation

NAME Accreditation Checklist 2014-2019 02-14-17

NAME Accreditation Checklist-Autopsy Only 2014-2019

NAME Autopsy Performance Standards 2016

Accredited offices: For an up to date listing of NAME accredited facilities, go to Organization Search in the left hand menu (or click here) and check the box "NAME accredited" then click on "search".