The NAME listserv is an electronic forum for the members of NAME. The purpose is to have a convenient, rapid and global tool for death investigation related conversations, questions and announcements. NAME listserv conversations must be conducted with good manners and a tone that communicates respect for all members.

By posting to the NAME listserv, a member implicitly agrees to the following rules and potential sanctions. Further, the member agrees that it is the sole discretion of the listserv administer and NAME to determine if a violation of these rules occurred.

NAME Listserv Rules:

Professionalism. Communicate in a professional manner. Do not use foul language or inappropriate slang.

Threats/Attacks. Flaming or "personal attacks" have no place on the listserv of a professional association. A disagreement is not a personal attack if expressed respectfully and with courtesy. Varying opinions on a topic stimulate professional development and must be expressed with civility and respect. Disrespecting one’s right to express an opinion is not allowed. Language that can be interpreted as obscene, racist, sexually explicit or defamatory in any way is not allowed.

Solicitations. Solicitations or commercial advertisements are prohibited. Spam or blatant promotion of businesses, commercial products or services is not allowed. Announcements of new commercial products, events or services known to you or even from your own company are acceptable as long as they are not direct solicitations. A post may include links to advertisements on websites but do not include the advertisement in the message.

Copyright. There will be no infringement of intellectual property. Users may not use the discussion board to post a message that infringes copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property law.

Religion. There will be no promotion or disrespect of religious beliefs. Respect the sensibilities of all and avoid using religious based salutations and other expressions of religious identity or preference. It is acceptable to discuss how religion may play a role in the work of medicolegal death investigation or how religious issues could be studied in research (e.g., permissibility of an autopsy in different religions).

Violation of NAME Listserv Rules:

The NAME listserv administrator and NAME reserve the right to discontinue listserv access or end posting privileges of a member who violates Listserv Rules. Suspension of an account may occur without prior notice to the member. The listserv administrator or NAME will notify the individual through a private email after the action.

First Violation – Warning. A member who violates the above rules for the first time will generally receive a communication from NAME or the listserv administrator about the inappropriate nature of the post(s). There are several exceptional conditions that could lead to immediate removal from the list (see #4).

Second Violation – Suspension. If a second violation occurs, the member will be denied posting privileges for a period of time commensurate with the seriousness of the incident.

Third violation - Permanent Removal. A third violation will result in non-time limited removal of the individual from the listserv. Mitigating circumstances may be cause for avoiding removal but this would be based on private correspondence with the listserv administrator and NAME. Reinstatement will only be allowed under unusual circumstances and is entirely at the discretion of the administrator and NAME.

Extreme incident. Posting of illegal material, purposeful dissemination of viruses or intentional unprovoked personal attacks will result in immediate revocation of posting privileges.

An appeal may be submitted to the NAME Executive Committee. The EC may seek assistance from the NAME Ethics Committee to evaluate an appeal.