Agent-to-Agent Referral

Direct Agent to Agent Member Referral Program

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If you prefer, you can still contact the office to request a referral following the details below.

How does the NAPAA Agent-to-Agent Referral Hotline Work?

It’s easy. When one of your customers asks for help in locating an Allstate agent in another state, simply call NAPAA at 877-627-2248, or sub­mit a request online at

When we receive your request, we search our database for a member agent nearest your customer’s final destination.

We'll send you an email so you can give your customer the local agent's contact information.

It works great and customers appreciate their agent going the extra mile by helping them find a local Allstate agent. We receive lots of kudos about the program. Agents using our referral hotline feel good knowing that their customers will be in the capable, competent hands of a fellow member agent. Naturally, no one wants to lose customers, but we all understand that transfer-outs are part of being an Allstate agent. Why not make the best of it and feel good about helping others?

So, next time you get a transfer-out, call us. Let us show you how it works. If your staff handles your service work, have them call us. We can help you pro­vide outstanding customer service. And, best of all, this is a free service.