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About NASM

The National Association of Shell Marketers, Inc. (NASM) is a brand-specific trade association which represents the interests of those companies which have wholesale supply contracts with Shell Oil, its licensees or its branded marketers.  NASM provides Shell marketers with access to valuable legal services and educational programs; maintains a dialog with Shell on behalf of members; and engages in public policy advocacy on behalf of petroleum marketers through communications with federal agencies, the U.S. Congress and other petroleum industry associations.

NASM was originally incorporated in Georgia on July 19, 1974 as a nonprofit corporation.  Originally known as the "Georgia-Florida Consignee's Association, Inc.", the Association adopted the name "National Association of Texaco Wholesalers, Inc." on May 19, 1976.  Subsequently, on May 10, 1999, the Association was expanded to include marketers of Shell petroleum products, and was reincorporated in Virginia as the "National Association of Texaco and Shell Marketers, Inc."  As the conversion from Texaco to Shell retail outlets progressed, the Association evolved into an exclusively Shell marketer organization, and on September 15, 2003, the Association changed its name to its current name, the "National Association of Shell Marketers, Inc."

Brand Promotion

NASM represents wholesale marketers with retail locations in virtually every state in the U.S., and suppliers of goods and services to the industry.  NASM works to foster identity and brand loyalty among Shell wholesalers.  The small, community-based, often family-owned businesses represented by NASM are engaged in fair business practices which are respectful of the consumer.  Our members are the face of Shell across America, and are committed to growing the Shell brand.  NASM membership is an important part of this commitment. Working together, NASM, our members, and Shell, make the brand stronger.


NASM maintains an ongoing dialog with Shell representatives and with the Wholesale Council in order to effectively promote the interests of Shell marketers on legal and policy matters.  NASM is also active in the Washington, DC policy arena to ensure that the voices of Shell marketers are heard on such important subjects as credit and debit card fees, alternative fuels, wage and employment issues, and consumer protection and antitrust laws.  We are active in both the legislative and regulatory arenas, and we coordinate our efforts with Shell and other like-minded trade groups.  Membership in NASM provides Shell marketers with an effective means of advocating their concerns to Shell and for making their views known in Washington, DC.

Services and Information

NASM members receive the benefit of a wide range of services that can be found nowhere else.  The success of individual Shell wholesale marketers is our business, and we help them become stronger marketers.  In addition to our ongoing communications with Shell and the Wholesale Council on behalf of Shell marketers, we provide marketers with access to a nationwide network of entrepreneurs with common concerns and goals.  We also send out timely information about Shell and its policies; provide free Shell-specific dealer contracts; answer legal questions on contracts and other issues of concern; keep members updated on current events through our e-newsletter, @NASM; provide discounted services through our affinity partners; provide access to the many services offered by our Supplier Associate Members; serve as a resource on the complex federal and state regulations that affect them in their business operations; and work with Shell’s Wholesale Council to identify and address concerns raised by our members.

NASM works diligently to expand the many benefits of membership, and all Shell marketers are encouraged to join NASM and engage in brand promotion activities, public policy initiatives, and to capitalize on the numerous NASM services.  Together, we grow the Shell brand.


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