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Shell Wholesale Marketer Membership Information

"Working With Marketers to Grow the Shell Brand.”

When you need trusted resources, up-to-date information, and a network of dedicated professionals to turn to, NASM is working for you!

The National Association of Shell Marketers (NASM) works on a daily basis to represent Shell marketers on legislative and regulatory issues with the federal government, and in the petroleum industry through a close relationship with Shell/Motiva and many industry trade associations.  These relationships help to create a stronger and more unified voice in the industry.  We would like to invite you to join NASM where you have an opportunity to influence the collective voice of a strong and experienced trade association that represents your best interests as a Shell marketer in the petroleum industry.

In addition to the valuable industry support that NASM provides, perhaps its most important function is representing marketers supplied by Shell/Motiva in the branded arena, where other associations do not provide service.  In concert with NASM’s work on issues related to Shell marketers, the Association also offers a package of benefits designed specifically for its members which includes the benefits below.

Marketer membership is open to the following types of companies:  (i) any company that has a current wholesale marketing agreement (“WMA”) with Motiva Enterprises LLC or Shell Oil Products US; or (ii) any company that has a current Shell-branded wholesale distribution agreement with a Shell marketer or licensee.

Click here to download a membership application.



Dealer Contract Packages:  NASM’s dealer contract package is patterned after Shell's current incentive and supply agreements.  Contracts are provided free of charge to members.

Shell Wholesale Marketer Agreement Analysis:  This document summarizes the major provisions of the Shell Wholesale Marketer Agreement and contains comments by NASM Legal Counsel.  This analysis is intended to assist you in understanding your rights, responsibilities and potential liability under the Agreement.

Legal Consultation:  Businesses face legal concerns every day. NASM retains the legal counsel of Bill Taylor of Taylor & Powell PLLC. Mr. Taylor provides a free half hour of instant legal consultation to NASM members on any issues of concern to them.  When needed, additional consultation is provided at discounted hourly rates.

Discounted Equipment, Services & Publications:  Many of NASM’s Supplier Associate members offer significant discounts to NASM members for publications, equipment, and other business services.

Supplier Directory:  The NASM Supplier Associate Directory serves as a quick reference to aid you in selecting companies from which to purchase petroleum marketing and c-store equipment, supplies and services.


NASM maintains an ongoing dialogue with Shell representatives and with the Wholesale Council in order to effectively promote the interests of Shell marketers on legal and policy matters.  In addition, NASM monitors legislative and regulatory issues, together with litigation, of concern to the petroleum industry. If a matter of interest arises, NASM's members are notified via e-mail. The Association is also involved with numerous industry coalitions that work to safeguard your business in connection with legislative and regulatory initiatives.


Webinars:  NASM offers a variety of one-hour educational webinars.  Webinars are conducted by experts in their subject area, and all the webinars are archived for later playback.


e-Newsletter:  @NASM provides updates on industry and Shell-specific issues, covers business related issues, and offers ideas on how to save money and grow your business.  It also includes news and updates of Marketer and Supplier Associate members.

Legal Bulletins:  NASM issues legal bulletins with explanations, advice and updates on legal matters that may affect Shell marketers and on litigation that may have industry-wide ramifications.

​​Membership Directory:  NASM’s website has a searchable members-only directory of both marketer and associate members.

Meetings:  NASM holds a membership meeting each year and all members are invited to attend.  NASM meetings and events provide you with a new perspective on your company by connecting you with other marketers to solve common problems.

Committee Participation:  As an active NASM member, committee participation is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to meet other Shell marketers and is a first step on the ladder to NASM leadership.  The committees often break out into great open discussions about issues affecting their business.  You are invited to volunteer for one or more of the available committees.

Social Networking:  NASM groups on Linkedin and Facebook offer new opportunities to connect and communicate with other Shell marketers.


Dues Formula:

Dues are calculated based on your company's average annual gallons of Shell petroleum products sold:  The base dues is $650 up to 5 million gallons; above 5 million gallons, add $5 for each 100,000 gallons; dues are capped at $1,700.  The formula is:

For more than 5 million gallons=((((Total gallons - 5,000,000) / 100,000) x 5) + 650)

Click here to download a membership application.


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