Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Academic Advising Working Group
    This is the Academic Advising Working Group of the SAPAA KC.
  • Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services
    The Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services (AGAPSS) Knowledge Community provides a supportive forum for University administrators who serve the needs of graduate and professional (G&P) students. Members work across all educational settings from general student affairs to specific schools (e.g., law, med, business, etc), and degree type (e.g., doctoral or professional degrees).
  • Adult Learners and Students with Children
    The mission of the Adult Learner and Students with Children (ALSC) KC isto increase awareness, disseminate information, identify resources and track academic and demographic trends concerning these typically under-represented but growing, and frequently intersecting, populations of students.
  • African American
    The Mission of the AAKC is to increase the Knowledge community members' awareness of, knowledge about, and appreciation for issues unique to African American professionals working in higher education, and in particular student affairs. The African-American Knowledge Community also seeks to educate the NASPA membership on trends and issues related to African-American professionals and students.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug
    The Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Knowledge Community provides an institutionalized and ongoing structure within NASPA to discuss issues around alcohol and other drugs on our campuses. Through the sharing of ideas/programs/results, the support of discussions of both successful and problematic practices, and the organization/planning of activities and events at regional and national meetings, the AOD Knowledge Community serves as a resource for both members of NASPA and other AOD groups that are addressing this ever-present issue in our respective college environments.
  • Arizona Executive Committee
    This is the Arizona Executive Committee associated with NASPA Region VI.
  • Asian Pacific Islanders
    The Asian Pacific Islander Knowledge Community seeks to educate and inform NASPA members about the current issues, trends, and research facing Asian Pacific Islanders in higher education. We actively nurture and support the professional development of students and professionals through an offering an e-mentoring program, producing and sharing research, encouraging dialogue via online forums around issues facing our Asian Pacific Islander communities, and providing leadership and involvement opportunities within the KC. As one of the ethnicity-based knowledge communities, this KC is committed to honoring and respecting the multiple and diverse communities that exist within the greater Asian Pacific Islander category and strives to increase knowledge and understanding with the student affairs profession.
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
    The NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community encourages and supports student affairs professionals, faculty and graduate students at institutions across the county and throughout the world as they systematically assess learning, evaluate programs, and research theory and practice as it relates to our profession. By providing quality education and networking opportunities for those that engage in assessment, evaluation and research in student affairs, the Knowledge Community strives to serve as a driving force in the movement towards improved student learning.
  • AVP Steering Committee
  • Board of Directors
    The NASPA Board of Directors is comprised of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, 7 Regional Directors, 5 Directors of various constituent groups (including the Research Division, Professional Standards Division, Community Colleges Division, Small Colleges & Universities Division, Knowledge Communities), 2 Members-At-Large, the NASPA Foundation Board Chair, and the NASPA Annual Conference Chair. The Board leads the association in fulfilling it's mission vision and adhering to the guiding principles established in the strategic plan.
  • Board of Directors Executive Committee
    The NASPA Board of Directors Executive Committee is comprised of the President, President-Elect, and Past President. The Executive Director and Associate Executive Director are ex-officio.
  • Campus Safety and Violence Prevention
    The Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Knowledge Community is a cooperative educational forum for all college and university administrators and paraprofessionals charged with meeting the physical safety and security needs of campus infrastructure, the emotional needs of the campus community, and other institutional needs, including the protection of image and promotion of business continuity. Members of this community represent a broad range of functional areas within college student affairs administration, and other realms of campus administration, including academic affairs, facilities management, campus police, health centers, public relations, external affairs, legal affairs, etc.
  • Career Services Working Group
    This is the Career Services Working Group of the SAPAA KC.
  • Center for Women
    The NASPA Center for Scholarship, Research and Professional Development for Women examines issues of concern to women in education, matters of policy development, and the design and implementation of relevant programs, services, advocacy and mentoring opportunities for women professionals and students. While encouraging research from all in student affairs, the Center encourages, in particular, research by women, for women, and about women in student affairs and about women students.
  • Chair-Elect
  • Commission for Equity and Inclusion
  • Community College Division
    The NASPA Community College Division focuses on the professional development needs of NASPA members who work in community colleges and provides leadership to the Community College Advisory Board.
  • Community Colleges Advisory Board
    The Community College Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from all 7 of NASPA's Regions, SSAO and Faculty Leaders who focus on the professional development and research needs of NASPA members who work in community colleges.
  • Conference Planning Committee
    The NASPA Annual Conference Planning Committee coordinates NASPA's Annual Conference.
  • Disability
    The Disability Knowledge Community addresses issues of equal access & equal opportunity in higher education.
  • Dissertation of the Year Committee
    The Melvene Hardee Dissertation of the Year Committee reviews and selects the winner and runner-up of the Hardee Dissertation of the Year recognition.
  • Enough is Enough
    Enough is Enough is a critical collaboration designed to create a new paradigm for peace and safety on the nation's campuses -- elementary through postsecondary -- by addressing the societal violence that has contributed to unprecedented violence in some of the very places our students should feel most safe.
  • Excellence Awards
    NASPA Excellence Awards recognize the contributions of members who are transforming higher education through outstanding programs, innovative services, and effective administration. Sharing our successes benefits students, improves institutions, and promotes our profession.
  • Faculty Fellows
    The NASPA Faculty Fellows group was established in 2002 to provide consultation and contributions to NASPA in the following areas: Direct policy input on such issues as quality assurance in student affairs, diversity, and graduate preparation; Promote scholarship as part of the professional responsibility for all faculty and practitioners; and Provide direction concerning NASPA research priorities and initiatives. The Faculty Fellows group is comprised of 12 faculty members, each appointed to a 3-year term. Terms are staggered, with only four fellows being appointed each year. Of the four members appointed each year, one is a full professor, two are associate professors, and one is an affiliate/adjunct faculty member. If possible,one Fellow will be a Vice President of a Community College who also teaches in a preparation program.
  • Foundation Board of Directors
    The NASPA Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of leaders within NASPA who are focused on giving back to the association, the student affairs profession, and to the research that informs our practice.