Licensure Exam Prep Course (14 CE Hours)

This 14-hour, comprehensive course has successfully prepared social workers across the country for the Association of Social Work Boards Clinical Level Examination required by most states in order to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Licensure candidates who are preparing for the *Bachelor’s and Master’s level exams will also benefit.  

*Some clinical content reviewed in this course may not be necessary for the Bachelor’s level or Master’s Level exam but will be helpful if practicing in a “clinical setting” and for the Clinical level exam.

The seminar will provide attendees with test-taking strategies for correctly answering examination questions. A framework for critical analysis of examination questions will be presented and the instructor will use sample questions to illustrate important concepts. In addition, a review of material in each of the content areas on the examination will assist attendees with recall of information and focusing subsequent studying.

Content areas to be covered include:


  1. Theories of human development;
  2. Diversity;
  3. Assessment and diagnosis;
  4. Psychotherapy and clinical practice;
  5. Communication;
  6. The therapeutic relationship;
  7. Professional ethics;
  8. Clinical supervision, consultation, and staff development;
  9. Research methods;
  10. Service delivery; and
  11. Clinical practice and management.


Practice questions will be used to familiarize attendees with items in each content area.