NAWC Staff

Michael Deane - Executive Director
Michael has extensive experience and the unique perspective of having worked in both the public and private water sectors. Before joining the NAWC in 2009, he was Associate Assistant Administrator for Water in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he played a key role in developing and implementing national water policy. Prior to this position, he served as Senior Policy Advisor in Infrastructure Finance for the Agency’s Office of Water. Michael began his career in water at the EPA, working on the state revolving fund and public-private partnership programs. Before returning to the EPA in 2006, he served as an executive at several water management companies, including United Water – and its parent company, Suez – and the U.S. operations of Vivendi (now Veolia), where he focused on innovative financing and infrastructure policy.
Tel: 202-379-2329

Mike Horner - Director of Membership

Mike has worked for the NAWC for more than 20 years and is the Director of Administration and Membership. Mike has had a variety of duties over the years, ranging from publishing a quarterly magazine and planning events to managing the organization's finances.
Tel: 202-833-2181

Marybeth Leongini - Director of Communications

Marybeth is responsible for the external positioning and overall communications strategy for NAWC. She brings over fifteen years of experience in marketing and public relations to the team. Throughout her career she has worked on behalf of a wide range of industries including health care, financial services, transportation and manufacturing.
Tel: 202-349-7310

Matt McCaffree - Director of State Regulatory Relations

Matt is responsible for the Association’s direct outreach to state utility commissions and state regulatory strategy. Matt comes to NAWC with extensive experience in regulatory issues that impact cost-of-service regulation, rate design, and utility resource planning. He has approached utility regulatory issues from the perspective of an industry consultant, an advocate, and a utility vendor.
Tel: 202-466-3331

Petra Smeltzer - Director of Government Relations
Petra manages all state and federal level outreach and advocacy on behalf of the private water service industry.Petra comes to NAWC with broad-based experience in government affairs having worked on the regulatory and legislative fronts at both the federal and state levels.She is skilled in the areas of lobbying, strategic planning, policy management, coalition building and developing strategic alliances.She has a strong background working for trade associations and has represented state government, oil and gas, electricity, electric manufacturing – and now, water
Tel: 202-466-0013

Carlos Villanueva-Manager of Information Technology and Member Services

Carlos joined the NAWC in July 1999 and is our Manager of Information Technology and Member Services. Carlos manages all IT-related issues, including the purchasing, upgrading and maintenance of equipment, software and help services. He works directly with active and associate members in providing support and is responsible for database and contract management, event marketing, sponsorships,promotions and billing.
Tel: 202-349-7300

Jean Smith -Executive Assistant

Jean is executive assistant to Michael Deane and provides overall office and administrative support to our entire team. Jean has extensive senior management support experience specific to the unique needs of associations, including serving as Senior Coordinator, Communications and Government Relations at the National Association of Manufacturers and as Executive Assistant and Office Manager with the American Public Works Association.
Tel: 202-349-7303