Arbitration Requests:


Arbitration requests seek monetary awards from a REALTOR® with whom the complainant has a contractual relationship. To file an arbitration request, submit the completed form A-1, "Arbitration Request -- Member" or form A-2, "Arbitration Request -- Non-member" with a letter describing the issue and enclose a deposit check for $500 made out to NEAR, which will be refunded if you are the prevailing party in the case. Once the request is filed, it will be sent to the NEAR Grievance Committee for review. Should the Grievance Committee determine that the paperwork is in order and the matter warrants arbitration, the respondent will be notified and receive a copy of the request, along with a reply form. (At this time, both parties would be offered optional, no-cost, voluntary mediation services. Both parties must be willing to try mediation for this service to proceed.) If mediation is not chosen by the parties, once the reply is received, the complainant will receive a copy of it, and the case will be sent to the NEAR Professional Standards Committee for a formal Arbitration hearing.


Questions? Contact NEAR Professional Standards Coordinator Sharon Sarvela ( or 978-577-6138 x15).


(Print members' request form) or (Print Non-members' request form)