Broker Tour - Andover/North Andover

Broker Tour Itinerary For: November 1, 2016
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NEAR Broker Tour/Caravan Rules for Andover/North Andover
As approved by the Board of Directors September 13, 2012

NEAR runs a weekly REALTOR® Broker Tour in Andover and North Andover on Tuesdays, starting at 9:30 am. Other abutting towns (to Andover/North Andover) added to this Broker Tour will be placed either before or after the regular tour hours at the discretion of the Broker Tour Coordinator (see below). NEAR does not guarantee visitation of your Broker Tour listing. It is solely up to the individual agents as to what properties they choose to visit.

Access to adding properties to the NEAR Broker Tour is through MLS-PIN.

A complete listing must be entered with directions and the Broker Tour date under broker tour by 5:00 pm on Friday prior to the desired Broker Tour, or by Noon on Thursday if the NEAR office will be closed on a Monday due to observance of a holiday. This is the same deadline for notifying the Broker Tour Coordinator (currently Larry Wangerin at 978-475-2201) if a listing from an abutting town to Andover/North Andover is requested to be on tour (beginning or end).

Participation is free for all NEAR REALTOR® members whether you are touring or adding a new listing to the tour.

  • All properties listed by NEAR REALTOR® members may appear on the NEAR Broker Tour free the initial time.
  • Only REALTORS® may participate.
  • REALTORS® from other Boards who would like to participate in the NEAR Broker Tour will be charged a $25 fee to add a property to the NEAR Broker Tour list.
  • A REALTOR® licensed in Massachusetts must be in attendance at the property in order for it to be included on the NEAR tour.
  • The REALTOR® hosting the open house should arrive no later than 15 minutes ahead of scheduled time and stay as long as agents continue to arrive to tour the property.
  • The listing agent is responsible for checking MLS-PIN, prior to Broker Tour deadlines, to be sure that the information was saved, and if not, they should enter it again.
  • The repeat appearance of a property will be allowed after four weeks for a fee of $25. If a property has not been listed on Broker Tour for 90 days, the property may be listed again at no charge (with a $25 charge to repeat after 4 more weeks).
  • A property may be on Broker Tour only once in any 4-week period.
  • No properties can be added to the middle of the Broker Tour once the list is completed and distributed. There is a fine of $25 should this happen.
  • New Construction should be placed as a drive by viewing, initially, if walls are not up to define the floor plan. An open viewing may be added at a later date, at no fee. In this case, designate a drive by using the comments section of the tour function and type “Drive-by Only.”
  • Drawings and refreshments should be noted in the tour function comments section. To be fair to fellow REALTORS® whose listings follow properties offering refreshments, full luncheons are considered inappropriate as they disrupt the timing and flow of the Broker Tour.

Deleting of any listing from Broker Tour must be done prior to 9:00 am on the Monday prior to Broker Tour day. All changes must be brought to the attention of the Broker Tour Coordinator (currently Larry Wangerin at 978-475-2201).

If a property open house that had been listed on the tour is cancelled after 9:00 am on Monday, then the listing agent must call all member firms to notify them of the change, put a sign at the property, call the listing agent of the 1st and 2nd houses scheduled so they can divert agents, or be at the property to divert agents.

Any non-compliance with Broker Tour Rules will result in a $25 fine. Any continued violations of the Broker Tour rules after a final, written warning to the Designated REALTOR® of an office will result in that office’s suspension from Broker Tour privileges for 30 days.

Every effort is made to post the Broker Tour schedule to by 2:30 p.m. on Monday. It may be viewed on the Broker Tour section.


  • Broker Tour will not be held if, due to inclement weather, school is cancelled in either Andover or North Andover.
  • There is no Broker Tour on the week between Christmas and New Years.