The Broker in your new office determines whether or not they wish to hold membership in the REALTOR® Association. When he/she elects to hold membership, you are also encouraged to have REALTOR® membership. We do not mandate membership, however, should you elect not to join, your broker will be assessed a fee for having a non-REALTOR® licensee in his/her office. We suggest you speak directly with your Broker about REALTOR® membership.

REALTOR® membership is three-tiered. Members also belong to their state REALTOR® Association and to the National Association of REALTORS®. NEAR’s state association is the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR). A REALTOR® may be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson (or Agent), Broker or Appraiser. REALTORS® belonging to the Northeast Association of REALTORS® must be licensed by the State of Massachusetts.

Types of Membership

REALTORS® (Salespersons or Agents)
A licensed Real Estate Salesperson wishing to join NEAR must be sponsored by a Designated REALTOR of NEAR. An agent cannot join NEAR unless their sponsoring broker belongs to NEAR. An agent wishing to join NEAR must submit a completed “REALTOR®” new member application with a copy of their license and full payment of all applicable fees. Once you have paid your application fee and REALTOR® dues, you will have provisional membership in the association and be able to begin calling yourself a REALTOR® and using the REALTOR® trademark, as well as have access to member pricing and benefits.
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Designated REALTORS® Members
Each firm (or office in the case of firms with multiple office locations) shall designate in writing one REALTOR® Member who shall be responsible for all duties and obligations of Membership including the obligation to arbitrate pursuant to Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and the payment of Board dues as established in Article X of the Bylaws. The "Designated REALTOR®" must be a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer, or branch office manager acting on behalf of the firm's principal(s) and must meet all other qualifications for REALTOR® Membership established in Article V, Section 2, of the Bylaws.
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Secondary Members
A licensee may join any REALTOR® Association they choose without their broker being a member at that association as a "secondary member". Secondary members are REALTORS® whose primary membership is held with a local REALTOR® association other than NEAR. For these members, MAR and NAR membership dues are paid through their primary association. 
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Change in Membership Status
If your office is welcoming a new licensee or salesperson from another office, or have terminated an agent from your office, please complete the Member Change Form and return it to our office.
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