Membership Info

What is needed to apply for REALTOR® membership with the Northeast Association of REALTORS®. -

1. Completed membership application (REALTOR® or Designated REALTOR®)
2. Copy of real estate or appraiser license
3. Application fee, either $199 for REALTOR® membership or $250 Designated REALTOR® membership (see below)
4. REALTOR® dues

REALTOR® Application Fee: $199 one-time fee as long as Active REALTOR® status is maintained. This fee must be submitted with the application. This fee is waived for current REALTOR® members.

DESIGNATED REALTOR® Application Fee: $250 one-time fee as long as Active Designated REALTOR® status is maintained.  This fee must be submitted with the application. Please note: if you have already paid an application fee, this amount will be credited to you.

REALTOR® Dues: 2016 dues are $581 for National, State and Local REALTOR® Association dues. National, state and local dues are prorated monthly.

January $581.00 July $308.00
February $535.50 August $262.50
March $490.00 September $217.00
April $444.50 October $171.51
May $399.00 November $126.00
June $353.50 December $  80.50

Dues are payable with the application fee. (Provisional membership means REALTOR® membership begins when application fee and dues are paid but is rescinded if membership obligations are not met.)

Orientation Course:  Applicants are required to attend a six-hour Orientation course, which is offered each month in the training room at NEAR’s Westford office. The Orientation course is mandatory for new applicants per the Bylaws, and registration letters are mailed directly to all new applicants.

Induction: Attendees will be sworn in as REALTORS® at the completion of New Member Orientation.

Assessment Fee:  An assessment fee equal to annual dues are applicable to the Designated REALTORS® of non-member licensees —licensees working in a REALTOR® office who choose not to join the Board.  A non-member licensee may not use the term “REALTOR®” and will not be considered a member of the local, state, or national association. The fee is assessed annually to the Designated REALTOR® and is not pro-rated.

Reinstatement: Current full year’s dues are payable at time of reinstatement. If a former member has been inactive more than one year, attendance at the Orientation course and new member application with application fee are mandatory prior to reinstatement.

Transferring Associations: Local membership dues are waived when transferring membership from another REALTOR® Board/Association to NEAR and Local/State/and National membership dues for the current year are paid in full to previous association.


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