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2021 - Live Webinar - June 30 - All Day Training Event - 8am - 5:15pm

Jun 30, 2021 08:00am -
Jun 30, 2021 05:15pm

Event Description



Basics of Excel 

Time : 8am – 10am 

CEUs : 2 CEUs 

Course Code : BUS 

Instructor: Kenneth Nelson 

Description: In this course, attendees will go over the basic functionality of MS Excel.  We will cover, using examples, the following topics: 

  • Saving and Opening a Workbook 
  • Managing Worksheets 
  • Formatting Cells 
  • Printing 
  • Excel Functions (Basic) 
  • Charts 
  • Sorting Data 
  • Find and Replace Option 
  • Paste Special Option 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts 
  • Go to Special 
  • Pivot Table 
  • Named Range 
  • Drop Down Lists (Data Validation) 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Excel Tables 


Hiring for Success  

Time : 10.15am – 12.15pm 

CEUs : 2 CEUs 

Course Code : TBD 

Instructors : Mark Kremen, Robert P. Kane 

Course Description : The hiring experience from the start to finish is critical to building and sustaining a successful workforce and organization.  This workshop includes : methods for sourcing candidates, establishing the interview process, developing behavior interview questions, as well as, 10 tips for conducting a legal and appropriate interview.  We can also role play the interviewing in breakout rooms.  


Social Media  

Time : 1pm – 3pm 

CEUs : 2 CEUs 

Course Code : BUS 

Instructor : Shawn Kane 

Course Description : This course will be used to teach students how to navigate social media, set up their business and personal profiles as well as the proper etiquette when doing so.  They will also learn how to get the most out of social media to grow their personal brand and their businesses brand.   


Leadership Skills for Small Businesses 

Time : 3.15pm – 5.15pm 

CEUs : 2 CEUs 

Course Code : TBD 

Instructors : Mark Kremen, Robert P. Kane 

Course Description : Everyone is a leader, no matter his/her title.  Some of the more critical leadership skills include: communication, listening, positive energy, motivation, recognition, and team building.  This workshop will discuss and provide practical 10 tips on how to implement each of these within your organization. 

Event Type:Education
Early registration ends on May 13, 2021.
Regular registration starts on May 14, 2021 and ends on Jun 29, 2021.
Late registration starts on Jun 30, 2021.


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