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NOA National Conference 2019 Salt Lake City

Jan 02, 2019 01:00pm -
Jan 05, 2019 12:30pm
Salt Lake City

Event Type: Conference
Category: Convention

Registration Instructions

Online registration is simple, but PLEASE follow these steps carefully:

1. Select the appropriate registration type and supply the requested information for your credentials.

2. Select your region from the drop down menu. The states and provinces  included in each region are listed following the region name. (NOA regions are the same as NATS regions.)

3. You will be asked to select sessions. Even though the Opening Luncheon, the Opening Reception, and the Legacy Banquet are included in the Regular, Student, and Spouse/Partner registration fees, you MUST reserve these sessions by checking the boxes on the left of the session title. The buttons to the right DO NOT confirm the reservation.

4. You also have the option to bring a non-registered guest to the luncheon and/or banquet. After you have entered your registration, you will come to a screen asking if you want to add a guest. When you are asked to select the registration type, choose the "Guest of Registrant: Luncheon and Banquet only" registration option and reserve the sessions for your guest prior to checkout. (This is intended for guests who do not wish to participate in other conference sessions. If  your guest intends to participate in conference sessions, please select the "Spouse/Partner" option.) Reserve the sessions for your guest by checking the box on the left of the event. After you have chosen your sessions, select the "My Agenda" tab to verify that all the reservations have been made.When you are satisfied that your registration is complete, proceed to checkout and submit your payment.

5. Book your hotel room by following the "location" link in the box above.

Early registration ends on 10/2/2018.
Regular registration starts on 10/3/2018 and ends on 12/2/2018.
Late registration starts on 12/2/2018.
All times are 12:00am (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).


Registration Fees
Fee TypeEarlyRegularLate
 Thursday and Friday only (luncheon included)
Member Fee: $325.00$325.00$325.00
Non-Member Fee: $325.00$325.00$325.00
 Regular registration
Member Fee: $365.00$390.00$420.00
Non-Member Fee: $450.00$475.00$485.00
 Student registration
Member Fee: $100.00$100.00$125.00
Non-Member Fee: $100.00$100.00$125.00
 Spouse/Partner registration (full conference participant)
Member Fee: $200.00$200.00$225.00
Non-Member Fee: $200.00$200.00$225.00
 Thursday Only (Luncheon included)
Member Fee: $175.00$175.00$185.00
Non-Member Fee: $175.00$175.00$185.00
 Friday only
Member Fee: $150.00$150.00$160.00
Non-Member Fee: $150.00$150.00$160.00
 Saturday only (Banquet included; reservation required)
Member Fee: $175.00$175.00$185.00
Non-Member Fee: $175.00$175.00$185.00
 Friday and Saturday (Banquet included; reservation required)
Member Fee: $300.00$300.00$320.00
Non-Member Fee: $300.00$300.00$320.00
 Guest of registrant (luncheon and banquet only)
Member Fee: $150.00$150.00$150.00
Non-Member Fee: $150.00$150.00$150.00
 Exhibitor (one full registration included with table)
Member Fee: $465.00$490.00$520.00
Non-Member Fee: $465.00$490.00$520.00

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