PRSM Board & Committees

Opportunities To Serve

Committee slots are competitive, so apply soon. Volunteers are placed on the wait list when a vacancy on their preferred committee is not available. You will be contacted as soon as an opening becomes available. Or, you may be contacted to serve in other capacities while waiting for a committee opening.

While serving on a Committee, Council, or Task Force is voluntary, PRSM Association’s committees do serious work. You will be asked to use your skills to accomplish the committee’s task and goals.

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Below is the list of the current Board of Directors & Committees:

  • *Board of Directors
    The primary responsibility of the Board is to provide leadership in the organization, enabling it to be a powerful influence in the retail facilities maintenance industry. As the legally constituted governing body, the Board oversees the affairs of PRSM; provides leadership to the profession; and represents the profession to other facility maintenance groups.
  • Benchmarking Committee
    The Benchmarking Committee's purpose is to identify common benchmarking data standards used by retail facilities management. This information will be analyzed, organized and published to retail and vendor members within the retail facility maintenance industry for adoption. The committee will identify distribution channels for the benchmarking data to the general membership.
  • Best Practices Committee
    The Best Practices Committee's purpose is to identify best practices within the retail facility maintenance industry and to use existing distribution channels for the information it collects to reach the general membership. The committee is responsible for utilizing the content from the Retailer2Retailer Best Practices Forums and other resources to identify current industry topics/business practices and convey that information to the members. The committee compiles and verifies practices, and organizes the content for book publication as it reviews topics for submission as white papers, mini best practices, and other online resources for use by the membership.
  • Canada Committee
    The committee creates an inclusive PRSM community that works collaboratively to build a strong PRSM presence in Canada. Its purpose is to engage new members as well as recommend member programs that will benefit PRSM's members. It advises on the development of educational content and membership benefits.
  • Conference Committee
    The Conference Committee is charged to work with member feedback to prioritize and create actionable and measurable changes to PRSM events to increase attendance, satisfaction, retention and engagement. The Conference Committee contains an education focused sub-committee to identify and recommend topics/support recruitment of SME/Moderators for scheduled events for the term of the commitment.
  • Conference Committee 17/18
    New Conference Committee beginning in 2017-2018. Committee Charge: To work with member feedback (link to VOICE) to prioritize and create actionable and measurable changes to our events to increase attendance, satisfaction, retention and engagement. The conference committee is responsible to create an education focused sub-committee to identify and recommend topics/support recruitment of SME/Moderators for scheduled events for the term of the commitment.
  • Editorial Board
    The Editorial Board’s purpose is to identify current topics and trends of interest to the membership for coverage in the Professional Retail Store Maintenance magazine. The committee assists with identifying Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and writers for each issue.
  • Energy Working Group Task Force
    The Energy Working Group is developing a tool that shows the effectiveness of Energy Management Systems. The tool also calculates a Return on Investment, ROI. This is the first step after implementing a pilot program to determine if a full scale program is necessary.
  • Ethics Committee
    The Ethics Committee works to ensure that the Association’s Ethics Policy is current and abided by the membership. The committee may recommend grievance actions and policy changes to the Board as it deems necessary. Matters concerning ethics questions or actions by the membership will be addressed by the committee. Other matters may come to the committee first and will be forwarded to the PRSM Board for consideration and approval.
  • Global Committee
    The Global Committee’s purpose is to identify and develop programs to assist members who are doing business in international markets. It will also assist members with solutions enabling them to network and identify quality local and international suppliers to support the retail brand.
  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee’s purpose is to assist in achieving the Association’s net membership growth. It assists by recruiting new members and recommending strategies and tactics to increase membership. The committee also focuses on member engagement and promoting a strong PRSM Community by collaborating with the PRSM Networking Committee.
  • Professional Development Committee
    The Professional Development Committee is the member education committee and is charged with ensuring the Association’s professional development program meets the diverse needs of its members through all stages of their careers (entry to leadership). The PDC ensures the program is strategically focused on both current and forward-looking technical and non-technical content, making appropriate use of instructional technologies to assure timeliness of, and broad access to, relevant and engaging programming.
  • Sourcing Committee
    The Sourcing Committee educates members on how to effectively source retail facilities related services and products by developing strategic sourcing solutions, enabling them to recognize greater cost savings while improving quality of service and developing KPIs. It also educates suppliers on how to collaborate with retail sourcing professionals and to be actively engaged during the Request for Proposal (RFP) phase and other ancillary steps in the vetting, purchasing and onboarding processes. This group may recommend and/or develop tools and resources to support this initiative.
  • Supplier Relations Committee
    The Supplier Relations Committee’s charge is to convene an appointed group to advise PRSM on programs and events that will enable Supplier Corporate Members to market their services effectively to the retail market. This program should consist of a 365-day approach emphasizing the value of PRSM membership. It should also educate suppliers on appropriate methods for doing business with other members to build stronger partnerships.
  • Sustainability Council
    The Sustainability Council is charged with recommending and developing quality programs to address environmentally conscious issues facing retail facilities maintenance professionals and the FM Industry. The goal of this council is to raise awareness about sustainability; to create tools to assist with the development of sustainable retail environments; and to encourage sustainable business practices.
  • Tools Taskforce
    This taskforce is responsible for the creation of tools & templates for PRSM. These tools & templates fall into 3 categories; Time & Cost Calculators, Business Templates, and Checklists & Manuals. The tools taskforce collaborates with multiple committees in the development of content to enrich the experience of PRSM membership.