How to Participate in a SEFLIN Connect Meeting or Event

Test your computer's configuration and settings
If your computer does not pass the test
  • Your local network may have restricted access to one of the three ports needed for online media. Contact your IT staff to make sure that the following three ports are open in your system's firewall: 80, 443, and 1935. If these ports are not open, you will not be able to participate in SEFLIN Connect online events. 
A high-speed connection is preferred
  • A high-speed Internet connection prevents buffering which may cause issues with video and audio reception. A hard-wired (cabled) connection is usually more steady than a wireless connection.
Speakers or headphones required
  • SEFLIN Connect uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider), in lieu of telephone lines. Use headphones or connect external speakers to your computer for audio.
Microphone use for host, presenters and participants
  • Use a headphone set with built-in microphone to communicate with during meetings. Headphones minimize audio feedback and echoes. 
  • Web cameras may also be used in SEFLIN connect meetings

Note: Remember to plug in your headphones, microphone, and camera before you enter the SEFLIN Connect meeting room.

Training Resources

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