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Program Policy


The SEFLIN Library Card Program is a reciprocal borrowing program available to academic and joint-use libraries belonging to member institutions of SEFLIN. Library participation in the program is voluntary. Students, faculty, or professional library staff may obtain a SEFLIN Library Card from the participating institution where they are actively enrolled or employed.


Each participating institution determines eligibility for and issues the SEFLIN Library Card to its students, faculty, and professional staff. The institution issuing the card is responsible for the replacement of, or reimbursement for, any materials damaged or not returned by a user of the SEFLIN Library Card at another library.


Each institution determines the eligibility of visiting student, faculty, and professional staff from other participating institutions. The institution may restrict library use to a specific type of card holder (faculty, staff, or student) or may place limitations on the use of licensed resources, reference services, check-out of materials, etc.


View the participating libraries, their use policies, and hours of operation on the Library Card Home page.