Legislative updates and tools The following piece of legislation was re-introduced in the 112th Congress on March 2, 2011:

Teaching Geography is Fundamental - Amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to establish a geography education grant program under Title II (Teacher Quality Enhancement).

Authorizes the Secretary of Education to award a grant to a national nonprofit educational organization or consortium, with 75% to be used for matching sub grants to institutions of higher education associated with state geographic alliances, nonprofit educational organizations, or state or local educational agencies.

Requires program participants to use their grants and sub grants to enhance the geographic literacy of students in kindergarten through grade 12 by supporting specified activities, including: (1) educational research; (2) teacher training; (3) the development of effective teaching tools and learning materials; (4) the application of rigorous academic standards and assessment techniques; (5) comparative studies of world cultures, economies, and environments; and (6) the exchange of information regarding the state of geographic literacy and strategies for its improvement.

Source: The Library of Congress- Thomas

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