United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries

Committee Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Board of Directors
    Maximum of 19, staggered three-year terms, except Section reps and Officers who serve two-year terms. Officers are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by Membership at Annual Meeting.
  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee is also the Nominating Committee. It is comprised of the Officers who serve on the Board plus three representatives to ensure representation of all Sections. The Representatives only participate in Nominating Committee work.
  • EAGLE Commission
    The EAGLE Commission offers the only faith-based Accreditation program in the world.
  • Finance Commitee
    Not less than three or more than five members, plus UMA Board Chair and CEO. When reviewing the audit, Committee includes at least one representative from each Section not otherwise represented on the Finance Committee.
  • OAM Executive Committee
    Older Adult Ministries: Executive committee is chosen by the Section members.
  • CYF Executive Committee
    Children, Youth, & Family Services: Executive Committee is chosen by the Section members.
  • Program and Training Committee
    The Program and Training Committee is comprised of UMA Board Members. The Board Chair appoints the P&T Committee Chair. Committee Members are appointed by the Board Chair in consultation with the Chair of the P&T Committee. The P&T Committee consists of four to seven members, including at least one representative from each Section, and additional members from various professional Fellowships.
  • CHP Fellowship Officers
    Fellowship of Chaplains, meeting together to study, share best practices and innovations.
  • EAGLE Marketing Task Force
  • Shared Learning Commission
    Shared Learning Commission Fifteen leaders or emerging leaders from any member category who plan the two-year shared learning cycle: themes, keynote speakers, locations