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Virginia General AssemblyWhile often overlooked by many companies, the financial profitability of your asset is highly reliant on what happens at the federal, state and local levels of government.  Unfortunately many companies are unaware of this impact until new laws and legislation arrive on the scene that negatively affect the performance of their multifamily asset.

It is the charge of VAMA's Legislative Committee and lobbying team to oversee the execution and development of VAMA's government affairs strategy and agenda. Not only does VAMA's Legislative Committee and lobbying team monitor all state legislation, but through our association with the National Apartment Association and our affiliated local organization VAMA members stay up to date on all laws and regulations that may affect their property operations.

Very simply put, VAMA becomes YOUR lobbyist!  All for a fraction of the cost of retaining professional in-house government affairs counsel.

On this page you will find government affairs updates, important documents and Legislative Committee minutes, to keep you up to speed on potential changes affecting your business.

VAMA's Legislative Committee holds meetings twice a month during Virginia's General Assembly session and then once every other month during the off session.  For more information on VAMA's Legislative Committee or to become a participant in the group please click here.
Legislative Updates & Alerts


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