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NEED Help Selling, buying, or appraising your Veterinary practice?

Call John Bryk, DVM or Bill Crank, DVM at 419-945-2408 or go to:  New! Sign up for our Buyer Notification by State at our website.
VT -Small Animal Practice w/RE, well equipped & Grossing $785K. Contact Bill Crank at TPSG 419-945-2408 or email;
VT-Well equipped Small Animal Practice w/RE Grossing $480K. Contact Bill Crank at TPSG 419-945-2408 or email


For sale: Enjoy the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont while owning a well established small animal veterinary practice in St. Johnsbury, Vt.  Interested in this unique business opportunity?  Contact Robert W. Hoppe at 802-748-5737 after 6:00 p.m. to find out about the details.

For sale:  Central Vermont small animal practice and real estate.  Has newly renovated four bedroom house on property also.  If interested, contact Dr. Thomas Cihocki

For sale:  Thriving small animal housecall practice, established in 1995, covering most of Chittenden County.  Be your own boss with flexible scheduling, low overhead, and excellent local 24/7 emergency coverage.  Practice quality veterinary medicine among a collegial group of veterinary practices in a beautiful area.  Direct confidential inquiries with resume to Gary Sturgis at or leave a message at (802)872-0730.


​Idexx CR System with 2 plates and cleaners- recently received
Procycte w/ echeck, reagent, scanner, stain pack, hydroclean
Coag with APTT/PT boxes
Snap Pro
Vetlab Station w/ printer
Price negotiable on individual items. Lot sale better deal.
Contact Ericka 802-363-0705 or

Veterinary Equipment For Sale
Idexx CR System with 6 plates
Sterne portable X-ray 90/20
Western sensor thermal imaging unit
SS bucket
Power and hand dental equipment
Electronic stethoscope

Price negotiable on individual items. Lot sale much cheaper.
Contact Reggie Tschorn 802-375-2972 or