Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

VVMA Position Statements

Calf Transport and Slaughter

**Captive Hunting

Cattle Tail Docking

Abandoned and Feral Cat Colonies

**Compensatory Value for Animals Beyond Their Property Value

**Complementary Veterinary Medicine  (deferred until draft Administrative Rules are adopted - expected in 2021)

Dog Tethering

Ear Cropping and Tail Docking of Dogs

Horse Tail Docking

**Horse Transportation and Processing

Housing Layer Chickens

Sales and Use Tax on Veterinary Services

Raw Milk Sale and Consumption


Veterinary Dentistry


**Statements under review, September 2020




The VVMA Executive Board recently adopted a policy (August 2019) guiding the review of the above position statements.  They are now reviewed every 5-6 years unless a member requests a change prior to the scheduled review.  We value our member input and welcome comments and suggestions at any time.  For more information, please contact Associate Director Linda Waite-Simpson at  On issues other than those listed above, the VVMA generally defers to the position statements of the American Veterinary Medical Association