Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

VVMA Position Statements

Calf Transport and Slaughter

Captive Hunting

Cattle Tail Docking

**Colonies of Free-Roaming Abandoned and Feral Cats

Compensatory Value for Animals Beyond Their Property Value

**Complementary Veterinary Medicine

Dog Tethering

Ear Cropping and Tail Docking of Dogs

Horse Tail Docking

Horse Transportation and Processing

**Housing Layer Chickens in Cages

Sales and Use Tax on Veterinary Services

Raw Milk Sale and Consumption


Veterinary Dentistry


**Policies under review, September/October 2019



Draft Revised Position Statements, October 2019

The revised draft policies below are open for member comments through the third week in October.  Comments and suggestions will be reviewed by the Animal Welfare Committee.  Draft policies will be presented to the Executive Board on November 6 for consideration and final adoption.  Please submit comments and suggestions to Associate Director Linda Waite-Simpson at

Abandoned and Feral Cat Colonies

Housing Layer Chickens 



The VVMA Executive Board recently adopted a policy (August 2019) guiding the review of the above position statements.  They are now reviewed every 5-6 years unless a member requests a change prior to the scheduled review.  We value our member input and welcome comments and suggestions at any time.  For more information, please contact Associate Director Linda Waite-Simpson at  On issues other than those listed above, the VVMA generally defers to the position statements of the American Veterinary Medical Association