Member/Visitor FAQs

What is the Member/Visitor Portal?

You can sign into and edit your individual account, renew your membership, and register for upcoming events. If you are not currently an AMSUS member, you can use the Portal to sign up for an account and purchase a membership.

If I am an AMSUS member, how do I log into my account?

You can log in your individual account one of two ways: either clicking the “Login” link on the right sidebar or through the “Login” button on the top of the AMSUS website. You will need the e-mail address associated with your AMSUS membership record and password. If you have any questions about your login credentials, please contact us.

How can I see if I am a member or not?

After you log into your account, click on “My Information” in the right sidebar. From here, click on “Edit/View Information.” Under Membership Information, you will be able to see if you are a member or not.

How can I register for upcoming events?

When available, you can register for AMSUS events by clicking on “Upcoming Events” in the right sidebar. Note: you must be logged into your individual profile before registering for an event.  

Have more questions? Contact us