Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • APGA Board of Directors
    To guide the efforts and organization of APGA.
  • Associate Membership Subcommittee
  • Codes and Standards
    To advocate for safe and competitive codes and standards for the natural gas utility industry; and, to provide members timely notice of opportunities to consider and affect revisions to said codes and standards that may impact the competitive position of natural gas and end-use appliances.
  • Direct Use Task Group
    The Direct Use Task Group strategizes how best to promote the direct use of natural gas.
  • Editorial
    To brainstorm ideas, themes, authors and stories for the issues of THE SOURCE magazine.
  • Environmental Task Group
  • Gas Supply
    To encourage the exchange of information about the natural gas market among public gas systems, suppliers, pipelines, joint purchasing groups, and other local distribution systems.
  • Government Relations
    To direct and develop APGA legislative and regulatory activities while monitoring and managing efforts that further the interests of public gas systems before Congress and governmental agencies.
  • Legislative Subcommitee
    To advocate the interests of public gas systems in Congress.
  • Media & Public Outreach Committee
    The Media & Public Outreach Committee (MPOC) was established by the APGA Board of Directors at the July 2018 meeting to develop, coordinate and support APGA’s overarching communications and messaging on the benefits of direct use, pipeline safety, municipal and public gas system ownership, small operator concerns, and other appropriate matters of interest to APGA Members.
  • Natural Gas Vehicle
    To disseminate NGV and fueling infrastructure information internally to APGA members and to advocate for NGVs and fueling infrastructure externally to businesses and local, state, and federal policymakers in order to significantly increase the near-term deployment of NGVs throughout the United States.
  • Operations and Safety
    To enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of public gas system operations by providing information and services to APGA members and other stakeholders on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas piping systems.
  • Regulatory Subcommittee
    To develop APGA's regulatory positions based on the policies reflected in the Association resolutions and on member needs and viewpoints; to communicate and advocate these positions in the relevant regulatory forums.
  • Security Committee
    This committee focuses on pipeline Security Issues
  • System Membership Subcommittee
  • Workforce Task Group
  • Young Professionals Network