Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Advocacy & Coalitions Committee
  • ASHA School Violence Taskforce
    The ASHA School Violence Taskforce is hereby charged with conceiving of, creating, and proposing strategies to advance a nationwide response to the epidemic of gun violence in schools.
  • Board of Directors
  • Finance Commitee
  • Governance Committee
  • Leadership & Recognition Committee
  • Networking Communities Team
  • Nominations Committee
    Under the direction of the vice president, will prepare and present a slate of candidates according to the following procedure: 1. No later than April 15, the Nominating Committee shall distribute a "Call for Nominations" to all voting members. The Call for Nominations shall specify the number of board positions open for election. 2. The Nominating Committee shall define the criteria for election with a strong preference towards ensuring diversity and needed skills. 3. Voting members may nominate one or more persons who, in the opinion of the nominator, fulfill the Nominating Committee's stated criteria for Directors. Selfnomination is permissible 4. The deadline for nominations shall be no later than June 15. 5. The Nominating Committee reviews all applicants to determine willingness to serve and capacity to complete an entire term. The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates from the nominees for approval by the voting members of the Association. 6. If a majority of completed ballots reject the recommended slate, the sitting Board of Directors shall declare the election null and void and the President shall appoint interim Directors. New elections shall be scheduled to occur within ninety (90) days of the rejection of the recommended slate.
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Research & Publications Committee