Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Advocacy Committee
    The Advocacy Committee brings matters of concern to ASJA members and freelance writers in general to the attention of the Board of Directors with recommendations for action.
  • Annual Conference Committee
    The Annual Conference Committee is charged with the planning of the Society's annual writers' conference.
  • Application Review
    In accordance with the ASJA Bylaws, the Application Review Committee consists of a chair, two voting members, and four alternates. It evaluates and approves applications for membership, and may also invite membership applications.
  • Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee is responsible for choosing recipients of the annual ASJA Excellence Awards for Nonfiction and any other awards the Society decides to give from time to time.
  • Board of Directors - ASJA
    ASJA Board of Directors
  • Client Connections Subcommittee
    This committee organizes and promotes the Client Connections program.
  • Client Networking Committee
  • Contracts and Conflicts Subcommittee
    The ASJA Contracts and Conflicts Committee helps writers understand publishing-contract language so they can make informed decisions and engage in smart negotiations before taking on projects.
  • Development Committee
    The Development committee recruits sponsors, alliances and in-kind partners (venues and services) through campaigns and personal solicitation. Working closely with staff the Committee develops and publishes the annual sponsorship brochure, incentives and benefits.
  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee provides continuing leadership of ASJA between Board meetings, and handles other urgent or sensitive matters.
  • First Amendment Committee
    The First Amendment Committee has a continuing responsibility to encourage the Society to work vigorously to preserve and enhance the freedom and professional status of writers everywhere.
  • Forum Subcommittee
    This program encourages members’ use of ASJA's online discussion forums, including Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
  • Freelance Writer Search Subcommittee
    This program, run by the Client Networking committee, supports, oversees, and promotes the Society's job board, Freelance Writer Search, and advises as to its general operations.
  • Marketing/Communications Committee
    The Marketing/Communications Committee works with staff to create policies and plans for marketing ASJA and its activities, both internally and externally.
  • Member Discounts Subcommittee
  • Member Networking Committee
  • Member Recruitment
    The Membership Recruitment Committee suggests and implements programs designed to bring ASJA to the attention of qualified professional freelance writers.
  • Membership Engagement Committee
  • Membership Retention Subcommittee
  • Mentoring SubCommittee
    ASJA’s Mentoring program matches ASJA members with freelance writers looking for advice.
  • Nominating
    In accordance with the ASJA Bylaws, the Nominating Committee consists of a chair and at least six other members who propose a slate of candidates for the annual election. Each year, all officer positions and three seats on the Board of Directors are open.
  • Peer to Peer Committee
    The Peer-to-Peer program matches members who volunteer to help out fellow ASJAers (whether new or long-timers) and those wanting closer ties within ASJA.
  • Publications
    The Publications Committee is responsible for all ASJA publications, in coordination with the staff and contractors.
  • Regional Conference Committee
    The Regional Conference Committee is charged with the planning of the Society's regional writers' conference.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Subcommittee