Sponsorship Guidelines

The DVBIA is a big supporter of events and festivals that bring residents, families and visitors together downtown to take part in themed festivals, one-off or ongoing events. And, given the DVBIA’s small staff complement, it’s particularly supportive of events that require little staff time but deliver big impact.
It’s our intention to play an active role in various events that allow us to promote and brand both “downtown” in general and “the DVBIA” specifically at a significant level, while furthering our unique mission.
As the DVBIA is accountable to both its board of directors and its membership, it gives particular attention to events that can show measurable return on investment and/or tangible results.
As budgets allow, it is the DVBIA’s intent to sponsor as many worthy events as possible while ensuring a particular event it sponsors is not reliant on the DVBIA for more than 25% of its overall operating budget.

DVBIA Policy on Large Scale Events

Rediscover Granville 2.010

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouverites embranced the new Granville Street with gusto. It was closed to traffic to create a pedestrian corridor to move spectators around and to create areas for respite and gathering. It became 'centre ice' for downtown and the Games where families, visitors, and locals alike could enjoy buskers, strolling, shopping and just plain hanging out with each other. We liked it so much, we wanted the warm and fuzzy feeling to last.

So, Rediscover Granville 2.010, a joint initiative of the DVBIA and the City of Vancouver, took place every weekend in Summer 2010 before the buses returned to the street after a four-year absence for Canada Line and re-design construction. Granville Street downtown was closed to traffic and open to the public as a community space for five blocks between Smithe and Hastings.

We gathered lots of feedback on the trial and are evaluating the results now with plans to have even more fun next summer. Call us for details about how you can access Granville-specific sponsorship funding.

Sponsored Events 

For more information about sponsorship, contact Barbara Fairbrother, 604-685-7811 or barbara@downtownvancouver.net.



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