IRHA Membership Benefits

Activities and Benefits Include:


Resource Sharing:
IRHA is blessed to have over 2,400 members who have the ability to share insight and information when needed.


Committee Participation:
Opportunity to serve on an IRHA committee (Committee enrollment runs July 1 - October 1)


Inclusion on the newsletter distribution list; newsletters contain timely and relevant rural health information.


Access to continuing medical education and the WhiteBark Health Academy. The WhiteBark Health Academy is an online platform that focus on training and continuing education (CE) for health professionals, as well as courses for healthcare facility administrators and staff


Timely and knowledgeable Rural Health Clinic resource support/education.


As an IRHA member, you will receive local, state and national advocacy information by the IRHA and backed up nationally by the leaders at NRHA.


Grant Opportunity Research:
As an IRHA member, you will have the ability to ask IRHA to assist you with any grant research you are conducting.


Rural Health Hub:
IRHA is recognized within Indiana, regionally and around the country, as a successful and helpful rural health organization with the mission and ability to assist with any rural health challenge/opportunity.


Access to educational/informational webinars hosted by IRHA.


Education Programs:
Reduced fees to attend IRHA educational programs.


NRHA Affiliate Membership:
By joining IRHA, you also receive an affiliate membership with NRHA.


IRHA staff and organization partners will be available to consult regarding rural health issues/opportunities.


IRHA will help facilitate or connect members to others who have similar challenges or ideas.


Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Planning:
As an IRHA member, you will enjoy the experience of an IRHA staff member who works in this important area.