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ITechLaw offers unparalleled access to educational and networking opportunities with the most successful Technology Law professionals in the world. ITechLaw offers both Individual and Group Memberships, and they enjoy Member Benefits.

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Membership Rates

All memberships run annually from July 1 – Jun 30. New members joining in the middle of the year will pay a pro-rated rate based on the month of joining for their first year, and continuing through the following year cycle. Rates vary by member type and geographic region, see outline below. Create a profile to have your membership rate calculated automatically; view a list of countries in region 2.

Individual Rates

Individual Membership Levels Region 1 Region 2
Regular 1 (Attorneys in practice more than 5 years) $325 $195
Regular 2 (Attorneys in practice less than 5 years) $250 $150
In-House Counsel $250 $150
Government/Law Professor $225 $135
Non-Lawyer Associate $500 $300
Law Student $30 $30

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Organization Rates

Group Membership Levels Region 1 Law Firm Region 1 Corporation Region 2 Law Firm Region 2 Corporation
10 Attorneys $2000 $1000 $1200 $600
11-25 Attorneys $4000 $3000 $2400 $1800
26-35 Attorneys $6000 $5000 $3600 $3000

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Member Benefits

Group and individual memberships qualify for the same benefits, including:

NETWORKING with top Technology Law professionals around the world:

  • Online Member Directory with nearly 1,000 members worldwide
  • Participation on Substantive Law and Membership Committees
  • Access to the Member Center, a social networking site providing ease of access to other members and facilitating communication between ITechLaw events

LEARNING from global industry leaders through premier educational opportunities:

  • Member discounts for all ITechLaw Conferences. Conferences occur in all areas of the world: Europe, USA, India, and Asia-Pacific
  • Post-event access to conference session materials through the online member center
  • Consideration for speaking opportunities and workshop presentations at ITechLaw Conferences

CONNECTING with peers in related industries

  • Participation in our committee webinars and roundtables
  • A 10% discount off the annual subscription fee of Computer Law Review International (CRi)
  • Free access to the Practical Law Company (PLC) Cross-border Handbooks relating to Outsourcing, IP in Business Transactions, and Data Protection
  • ITechLaw daily Lexology email newsletter