The Choosing Wisely® campaign is one of ABIM's well-known initiatives. The goal of the campaign is to reduce waste in the health care system and avoid risks associated with unnecessary treatment. The effort has garnered the participation of over 70 medical specialty societies who have published more than 400 recommendations of overused tests and treatments that clinicians and patients should discuss. The campaign and society recommendations have been included in nearly 300 journal articles and more than 10,000 media articles since the program launched in 2012. 

Unnecessary Tests and Procedures in the Health Care System —The Choosing Wisely campaign is centered around evidence-based recommendations released by the participating medical specialty societies. The recommendations are intended to facilitate meaningful patient-provider conversations and shared decision making. More than 70 specialty society partners have released recommendations with the intention of facilitating wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on a patients’ individual situation.

Choosing Wisely has partnered with Consumer Reports to educate patients about what care is best for them and the right questions to ask their physicians. Through a coalition of consumer groups like AARP and the National Partnership for Women and Families, Consumer Reports is ensuring patients get information to choose wisely.

The Choosing Wisely website features the lists of recommendations, along with various resources for both patients and physicians, including:
  • A list of campaign partners
  • Patient-friendly materials created by Consumer Reports that translate the recommendations into plain language for consumers
  • Communication education modules to aid physicians in conversations with their patients about overuse and unnecessary medical tests and procedures
  • Videos featuring prominent health care leaders on the impact of the campaign
  • Stories from the Choosing Wisely newsletter that highlight the work of organizations implementing the campaign at sites across the country

Choosing Wisely®in Maine
"Spreading Choosing Wisely in Maine", seeks to reduce unnecessary use of tests and treatments in teh Brunswick/Bath (MidCoast REgion) and Greater Bangor to achieve a 20% utilization reduction for three high priority areas: (use of antibiotics, use of advanced imagine for low back pain and use of benzodiazepines in older adults). Involed partners are: Mid Coast Hospital, Spectrum Generations, St. Joseph Hospital and Penobscot Community Health CAre. The Maine Osteopathic Association is a statewind medical association partner, along with Maine Medical Association and the Consumers for affordable Health Care are also serving statewide partners.

For more information go to Spreading Choosing Wisely in Maine by clicking here.

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