CME Sponsor Information for Continuing Medical Education





The CME Department at the Maine Osteopathic Association is pleased to consider requests for accreditation through joint sponsorship of your CME activity.


The MOA is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association on CME and Accreditation to offer continuing medical education for physicians. In order for the CME Department to jointly sponsor and offer credits for your program, we must ensure that the AOA CME Guidelines, Essential Areas, and Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education have been met.  We are only able to approve requests for accreditation and joint sponsorship that meet these requirements. 


Requests for joint sponsorship and accreditation must be submitted to the MOA office in writing via the Joint Sponsorship/Accreditation Application Form. 




1.      Application Form is completed and forwarded to the MOA at least one month prior to the activity.  A non-refundable application fee as outlined in the enclosed fee schedule must accompany the form unless prior payment or other arrangements have been made with the MOA if the form is emailed or faxed, this fee is payable by credit card.  Required items for pre-approval (as listed on the Application Form) must accompany the form.  Applications will not be considered until all items are received. 


  1. The CME Director reviews the Application and supporting documentation and a preliminary determination of credit is made.


  1. The CME Director notifies the contact person on the application of the accreditation status, and provides accreditation language that must be used on marketing materials for the program. 


  1. The CME Department provides templates of all required forms, including


    1. Sign-in sheet
    2. Evaluation tool
    3. Faculty Disclosure Form
    4. CME Credit  Reporting Form
    5. Letter of Agreement for commercial support (educational grants and/or exhibits)


  1. Within 30 days after the activity, the contact person forwards to the CME Department at the MOA:


    1. Final brochure and/or other marketing pieces
    2. Original sign-in sheet
    3. Legible copies or originals of CME Credit
    4. A list of all commercial supporters (both grantors and exhibitors)
    5. Copies of all Letters of Agreements with commercial supporters
    6. Final Agenda
    7. One blank evaluation tool
    8. Three completed evaluations
    9. Signed copies of Faculty Disclosures for all speakers and planning committee members
    10. A syllabus including all registrant materials (handouts, etc.)


  1. If desired and requested, the CME Department will forward CME certificates when all materials are received. The activity contact person is responsible for distributing them to attendees.