MN Jail Programs and Services






Who are the Minnesota Jail Programs and Services (MJPS)?

The MJPS is a division of the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association consisting of professionals working with offenders in jails throughout the State of Minnesota. We are working to provide an environment for a safe, secure, and smooth operating jail where offenders can learn to become law abiding citizens. We promote crime prevention and public safety through:

1) improving management of offenders.

2) teaching those willing to learn to become more productive citizens upon re-entry into the community.


Mission Statement of the Minnesota Jail Programmers


The MJPS believes that jail programming is an integral part of the Criminal Justice System that should coordinate with the courts and court services. The mission of MJPS is to develop and support professional jail programming, to promote inmate rehabilitation and support jail practices that are consistent with constitutional requirements and professional operations. Please contact any of the MJPS executive board members or your district representative for more information on our organization, and specific programming questions or needs, and membership information


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2021 - 2022 Executive Board 

Noelle Flesher
Wright County
Phone: 763-682-7655

Nicole Torgrimson
Douglas County
Phone: 320-762-3095

Jim Watt
Publication Officer
Meeker County
Phone: 320-693-1742

Kalie Drinkman
Training Coordinator
Polk County
Phone: 218-470-8155

Terry Davis
Resource Officer
Chisago County
Phone: 651-213-5766

Kelsey Demmert
Past President
Dakota County
Phone: 651-438-4812

Tom Wells
MSA Representative
Conference and Training Coordinator, Minnesota Sheriffs' Association
Phone: 651-451-7216, ext. 106