The Awards Committee oversees the Transportation Specialist Awards which were established in 1992. The award honors those individuals who work on the front lines in the school bus industry, school bus drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and safety directors who have dedicated their lives and careers to going above and beyond to ensure the safety of their passengers. 

Nomination forms for the Transportation Specialist are available.

The Holly Hoglund Klein MSBOA Grant was established in 2015 following the tragic death of Holly in a car accident. The grant honors Holly's mission to lift up and empower women who are involved in school transportation.  The application is available here.


The Committee also oversees the Jim DeVeau Award.  Established in 2007, the Jim DeVeau Award honors those individulas who, like Jim, have worked to shape the MSBOA and the school bus industry as a whole with their tireless efforts.

Past Winners of the Jim DeVeau Award include:


Todd and Linda Telin 2021

Shari Danzeisen 2019

Rudy Lundahl 2018

Pat Regan 2017

Doug Grisim 2016

Tom Hey 2015

John Benjamin 2014

Ken and Tami Spanier, 2013

Bruce Dischinger, 2012

Lyle Hicks, 2011

Wayne & Lisa Hoglund, 2010

Larry Bakken, 2009

Tom Merrill, 2008

Roger Millner, 2007


The Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2006. It recognizes excellence in school bus transportation.  Anyone may nominate a contractor for the award.  The criteria are published here.

Past Winners of the Lifetime Acheivement Award include:


Ken Grisim 2021

Rick and Bev Arvidson 2019

Rick Thielen 2018

Danny Schmitt, 2017

Judy Koch, 2016

Mike Krois, 2015

Chuck Hey, 2014

Chuck Peterson, Jr., 2013

Betty Jeanne Trobec, 2012

Dick Plahn, 2011

Fred Lenz, 2010

Don Hoffman, 2009

Bill Regan, 2008

Marv Hey, 2007

Betty Barthel, 2006