Committees Leadership

To Join a Committee please contact the chair as designated by an *


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, First and Second Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Committee may meet in between board meetings to make decisions and to take care of issues that arise with in the daily operations of the MSBOA. The Executive Committee will be responsible for contracting with staff and will oversee the other committee functions. Responsible for ensuring the board follows its Mission Statement and Strategic Plan.

Members: Thomas Hey, Bethany Schubert, Josh Schiffler, Garrett Regan*, Shelly Jonas, Jason Anderson

Joe Beaton Scholarship

Oversees the selection of the Joe Beaton Scholarship Award on an annual basis.

Members: Julie Bernick, Shelly Jonas*, Judy Koch, Barb Trebisovsky



Works closely with staff and lobbyist to keep the membership continually abreast of legislative interests. Must be available to testify if needed. Reviews proposed laws and rules, taking timely action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization. Will meet with MAPT or other groups as needed for joint legislative meetings. Responsible for producing legislative agenda by December 1 of each year.

Members: Garrett Regan, Shelly Jonas*, Steve Latour, Michael Putzke, Bethany Schubert





 Membership and Promotions

Membership Committee Responsible for soliciting new memberships while retaining current members. Specific, quantitative goals and deadlines for new enrollments and retention should be set on an annual basis by the committee chair. Coordinates the tangible and intangible benefits that members receive by joining and supporting the organization. The committee may enlist outside sources and providers to create endorsed and affinity programs. The Membership committee will also be responsible for implementing programs to recognize members who contribute beyond the usual efforts. Responsible for developing new programs and opportunities to promote the growth of the MSBOA. Will examine opportunities for additional revenue sources.  Will examine on an annual basis the newsletter and website for possible updates and to keep the information fresh and pertinent.

Members: Rayme Bernick, Bethany Schubert, Doug Grisim*, Kathryn Forbord, Jason Anderson, Scott Kennedy, Connie Grisim


Conference and Awards Committee

The Conference and Awards Committee is responsible for assisting the executive office in planning meetings and setting conference agendas. Must be available to travel to scout out potential locations. Responsible for Safety Raffle, Transportation Specialist Awards, Jim DeVeau and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Members: John Benjamin*, Connie Grisim, Rayme Bernick, Shelly Jonas, Kathryn Forbord, Jenna Dardis, Eric Burrill, 

Industry Relations -

Industry Relations meets with the goal of better communications with other industry groups and stakeholders.

Members: Ann Casey, Michael Putzke, Doug Grisim, Josh Schiffler, Eric Burrill,







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