Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
  • Awards Committee
    Reviews annual nominations, evaluates them according to approved criteria, and selects award recipients.
  • Board of Directors
    2022-23 NAGC Board of Directors
  • Development Committee
    Oversees comprehensive development and fundraising efforts in partnership with NAGC staff. Advises on annual fund efforts, strategy and targets for grant writing, donor recognition and new program initiatives.
  • Finance & Audit Committee
    The Finance Committee oversees the budget planning process and prepares the association’s annual budget, in collaboration with the Executive Director and staff, and presents it to the Board of Directors. The committee, with the inclusion of other Board members, has oversight responsibility for the annual budget and establishment of policies for monitoring expenditures in a given fiscal year. In addition, the committee plays a leadership role in setting policy on long-term financial management goals, reserve and investment policies, and risk management.
  • Professional Standards Committee
    Develops expertise in the NAGC-CEC teacher preparation standards, national content standards, and the Pre-K-12 programming standards, and assists the NAGC National Office in submitting comments and handling inquiries about the standards.
  • Public Policy Advocacy Committee
  • Publications Committee
    Oversees the NAGC publications process to ensure new titles are identified, including practitioner publications that have quality and relevance.
  • Search Committee