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Your financial support through Annual Fund giving programs is essential to helping our high-ability and high-potential learners to succeed. You are “the village” that it takes to challenge, support, and nurture a gifted child. What could be more important?

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Areas of Greatest Need
Unrestricted donations support activities central to NAGC's mission, from research on gifted education best practices & standards to parent resources & our new Talent Development Initiative.
Javits-Frasier Teacher Training Scholarship Fund
This fund provides professional development training for Title I teachers & counselors that serve high-potential students from low-income & culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Dr. Martin D. Jenkins Scholar Award
Your donation funds scholarships to recognize high-achieving gifted Black students. The Special Populations Network sponsored award is open to Black students in public school grades 6-12.
Dr. James J. Gallagher Memorial Fund
The Dr. James J. Gallagher Memorial Fund supports three interdisciplinary convenings on the topics of equity, early childhood education, and teacher preparation.
Carolyn Callahan Doctoral Student Award Fund
CCarolyn Callahan Doctoral Student Award Fund (Restricted)