Child Death Investigations

The Centers for Disease Control have published several consensus documents on child death investigations which may be found on the CDC web site. Click here to access the site.

Direct links to download some of the documents are here:

Infant Death Investigation - Guidelines for the Scene Investigator (2007)

Sudden, Unexplained Infant Death Investigation - Curriculum Guide (2007)

SUID and CDC’s Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch


The Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch at CDC has started a program to test SUID cases for a variety of infectious diseases that your ME/FP may not have the resources to test.  There is no cost to the ME/FP except to ship the specimens.  We all know they are working with limited resources and this may be helpful to rule out any infectious disease as cause-of-death for these unexplained infant deaths.


Caveat:  Please don’t let your SUID reviews slow down and await the results of these tests at the CDC lab.  We encourage you to go ahead and review cases with the information you have.  If the CDC lab comes back with a positive case of a certain infectious disease, then you can bring this information back to the review team and make edits to the case report, alerting us of the case ID number.


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