Sudden Unexplained Deaths

FAMILION Postmortem Genetic Testing for Sudden Unexplained Death


These deaths may be caused by an inherited cardiomyopathy or cardiac channelopathy.


“Postmortem genetic testing may help establish a cause of death and enable identification of at-risk first degree relatives of the decedents. The HRS 2011 Consensus Statement on Genetic Testing recommends collection of blood and tissue sample for subsequent DNA analysis for all SUDs and SIDs cases.1”


We offer two postmortem panels each priced at $2,500. The cardiac channelopathies panel involves targeted sequencing of 6 genes: KCNQ1(LQT1), KCNH2 (LQT2), SCN5A (LQT3 and BrS1), KCNE1 (LQT5), KCNE2 (LQT6), and RYR2 (CPVT1) and can identify up to 80% of mutations detected in comprehensive FAMILION channelopathy tests. The cardiomyopathies test involves targeted sequencing of 20 genes associated with various cardiomyopathies. The genes are: ACTC, DSC2, DSG2, DSP, GLA, LAMP2, IDB3, IMNA, NYBPC3, MYH7, ML2, MYL3, PKP2, PKAG2, SCN5A, TMEM43, TNNC1, TNNI3, TNNT2, and TPM1. This test identifies ~80% of the common mutations detected in the comprehensive FAMILION  HCM and ARVC tests and may also help detect a large fraction of mutations that may cause DCM and other cardiomyopathies.


We offer flexible payment plans for families and can also work directly with your facility on payment offering modest reduction in cost to ensure testing costs fits within your budget.


If you are interested in obtaining information on pricing, sample requirements and ordering please let me know.


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Reference: 1. Ackerman MJ, Priori SG, Willems S, et al. HRS/EHRA Expert Consensus Statement on the State of Genetic Testing for the Channelopathies and Cardiomyopathies. Heart Rhythm. 2011;8:1308-39.


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